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8. Imagine for Sarah.

Your Pov.

hi my name is Sarah. I have green eyes and brown hair. I love to play the guitar and sing a lot of One Direction songs! I am currently dating Niall Horan, and today is our 2 month anniversary, is that even a thing? well if it wasn't now it is! anyway, the thing is I never told Niall that i never went to Nandos! (A/N: Does that sentence make any sense? sorry if it didn't aha) today is the day i will tell Niall that i never been there..


No ones POV.

Sarah: Niall?

Niall: Yeah Babe?

(And: i cant concentrate im listening to You & I By: one direction of course! aha)

Sarah: i never been to nandos.

Nialll: car now we are going to nandos for our anniversary!

Sarah: okay :)

Niall's Pov.

its a good thing that she told me that she's never been to Nandos, because now i can see her reaction to the food. ahaha!

No ones pov

Niall: i suggest the Peri Peri Chicken.

Sarah: okay Ni.

Waiter: hi welcome to nandos my name is Lewis and i will be your waiter tonight. so we should start off with drinks.

Niall: we will have Champagne thanks  

Lewis: Anytime

Few minutes later

Lewis: are we ready to order?

Niall: yes! we will both have the Peri Peri Chicken

Lewis: good choice sir!

Niall: yeah.

Couple of minutes later

Lewis: here you go!

Niall: thanks

your Pov

omg this is so good!! ahaha

no ones pov

Niall: So?

Sarah: fantastic!

Niall: this is why i love you, you love everything!

Sarah: aha i love you too Niall.

you to went home and cuddled and watched love actually and spent a romantic anniversary.

*sorry if you don't like the chapter ive been  busy comment what you think*




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