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6. Imagine For Michelle

your pov.

hi my name is Michelle, I am 17, I have brown eyes, brown hair. I have  burnt orange bangs. I am dating Louis Tomlinson, we have been dating for a year now, I love him so much, I couldn't ask for anyone better! today is my birthday and I cant wait to see wait Louis has planned. haha anyway I am going to go have a girls day with my best friend Katie, she has been my best friend since kindergarten! I knew Louis when we were only 3, he's been my best friend for years, we started dating in high school. anyway Katie is here , then later alone time with Louis!!! cant wait!


Katie's Pov.

Michelle has no clue what Louis is planning haha he asked me to keep her occupied for the day until 7pm because he and the boys are planning a surprise party for her, so I told Louis I would take her to the spa for a girls day as her birthday present!


Louis pov!

Michelle and Katie are going to the spa until seven because me and the boys are planning my baby a surprised birthday!! I cant wait to see her later, I need to go now I need to start planning !! haha


No one's Pov!

Michelle: where are we going Katie?

Katie: to the spa, then after the mall.

Michelle: haha okay :)

*with Louis*

Louis: okay boys this has to be perfect

Harry: it will man, we promise!

Liam: yeah, we just have to make a list and split the list so we can get it done faster because its already 3pm.

Louis: your right!

the List!

1. get cake

2. invite guests

3. get tables and chairs

4. get a DJ.

5. Surprise  Michelle !!

Niall: I Call CAKE!!

Liam: I will get the tables and chairs

Zayn: I will be the DJ!!!

Louis: I will call the people with Harold and then we all surprise Michelle!

everyone: yeah!

after all of that its finally 7pm, Katie take you home and you and her walk in

Michelle: why is it so dark in here?

Katie: I don't know but I will TURN on the lights

Katie counted in her head 3,2,1

turns the light on and everyone yells


Michelle: omg, Louis you did all of this?

Louis of course and with a few other people!!!

Michelle: Awe I love you Louis!

Louis: I love you too baby!

you and Louis lived happily ever after and you and him got married 9 months later

*I hope you liked the chapter and tell me what you think in the comments section.

love you all



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