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I do not do dirty imagines because I suck at them.


3. imagine for Donna

your pov

"where is Liam" you wondered. i tried calling him but he is not answering! i called Niall and he answerd "Hello?" niall said, "ni? is Liam there?" i asked, "no hes not sorry Donna" Niall said. "its okay its not your fault thanks anyway!" i said. "yup." he said back. as soon as i hunged up with Niall, Liam walks in, i say "liam where were you?" "none of your business Donna!" liam said. "im only trying to help!" i said "i dont need your help, and i dont need you!" liam said. ouch.. that hurt. "fine if you dont need me, why am i even here?: i said, "i dont know Donna i ask that everyday!!" Liam yelled. "I hate you Liam! i hate you!" i yelled!!! then liam slapped me! i started to cry and he realized what he has done. "Donna im so sorry" liam said. liam tried to hug me. "dont touch me!!!!" i said. "B-Baby im so sorry!" liam said. "save it liam" i said. i ran up stairs and started to cry again. an hour later liam came to the bedroom and knocked and came in. "Baby?" liam said "What liam?" i said. "im sorry baby, i never ment to hurt you, its just those people on twitter, they been sending me hate! and I-I" liam started to cry! "shhhh Li! I know you didnt mean it, just never do it again okay LiLi?" i said "Never in a million years that i would think of hitting you ever again!!" liam said!

you and liam spent the rest of the night watching all of the toy stories, and of course you let liam pick the movies. :)


*i hope you liked the imagine. sorry its short but its worth it right? sorry for the misspellings everyone makes mistakes haha! any tell me what you think in the comment section! -Caitlyn*

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