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5. Imagine for Charlotte

your pov.

hi my name is charlotte, i have long brown curly hair, i have dark green eyes. i am 5'8", i have tan skin. I am dating Liam Payne, Liam and I are dating for almost 2 years from today, today is our anniverary, he told me we are going out to eat to a fancy restarant. i went to go to get ready once i was done it was 6:50pm liam would be here any minutes.

*ding dong*

Liam: ready babe?

Charlotte: yeah.

Liam: you look beautiful baby.

Charlotte: thanks babe, you look handsome.

Liam: thank you baby.

we drove for awhile and we arrived to the restarant it was the most expencive in town.

Charlotte: Li you dont have to come here.

Liam: i want to.

we ordered our food, and we chatted for a while and then liam said.

Liam: Charlotte, can i ask you something?

Charlotte: anything.

liam comes over to me and gets on one knee, my eyes fill with tears.

Liam: Charlotte/Middle Name/Last Name will you marry me?

Charlotte: Yes, liam  i will!

liam slips on the ring and picks me up and spins me around.

5 months later you become Mrs. Charlotte Payne.

a year later you have a boy named Johnathan James Payne.


*sorry if it sucked, i hope you enjoyed it though! comment what you think! -Caitlyn*


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