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2. Imagine for Aviz

Your POV

hi my name is Aviz, i have hazel eyes, i have dimples like harry's like my best friend Amber says. i have straight teeth, and lastly i have long black wavey hair. today my best friend and i are going to a one direction concert! i'm so excited becaise my mom bought us backstage passes! finally i get to meet Harry Styles! my best friend likes Niall. so you can probably say she is excited. anyway we are one our way to the concert and we cant wait to meet the boys!



*After The Concert*

"omg Aviz can you believe we finally get to meet the boys?" my best friend Amber said " i know! i cant wait to meet Harry!" i said to Amber. "can i see your backstage passes?" the lady asked us. "sure here you are miss" we both said. "okay just go in that room over there and the boy's should be in there shortly" the lady said. "thank you" amber said "yeah" the lady answerd back. after ten mintues the boys came in and said ' HI Were One Direction!!" the boys introduced themselves " hi im Harry Styles" harry said "hi i am Niall Horan" Niall said " hi i am Zayn Malik" zayn said "hi i am Liam Payne" Liam said "and im jenifer" louis said "haha" i laughed so did amber. " hi my name is Aviz amd this is amber" i said they all said hi! Harry kept starring at me and he said "Aviz can i talk to you alone?" i said "sure!" harry said that i looked beautiful and that he likes when my hair is wavey i told him that it was naturally wavey and he said thats even better he made me blush so many times that he said he liked my dimples! and then i smiled and he said he loved my smile! then out of the blue he asked me out on a date! thats when you and him strated a beautiful relationship then a year later you two got married and had a beautiful girl named Darcy nine months later.

*I hope you liked it love! it took me awhile to think of what to write then once i got an idea a wrote it down then i came on here and wrote it for you! there are some misspellings, sorry for that. and i didnt know what your friends name is so i just picked amber! tell me what you think in the comments! -Caitlyn*

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