Drummer Boy

Olivia "Olive" Simpson was the new girl . . .again. Originating from the U.S., her father is a music recruiter and writer, causing her to move all around the world. From America to the United Kingdom and now Australia, Olivia has only made famous friends. Not that it's a terrible thing, but she wants to settle down and experience being a normal 15 year old teenager. But she meets Ashton who girls around Sydney are saying is a bad boy and is nothing but trouble. Her father is now recruiting him and his friends' band, 5 Seconds of Summer, and tells Olivia not to involve herself with them. Will she succumb to Ashton's bad boy charm or will she remain the new good girl that she's always been and stay under her father's rules?

~Bad Boys Ain't No Good And The Good Boys Ain't No Fun~


4. This Can't End Well

"Luke get your skinny ass down here!"

My eyes immediately opened and I saw that I was still on the roof with Luke. In fact, we were practically cuddling in our sleep. I sat up quickly and fixed my hair which I'm sure looked awful. 

"Morning Sleepy Beauty!" I heard an unfamiliar voice yell from below. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and looked down to see a man looking up at me.

"Hello," I said quickly. "Can I help you?"

"Actually yes," he smiled widely at me. "You're holding my friend captive and I need him for band practice."

I looked behind me to see Luke groggily waking up. His blonde hair was wild and disheveled.

"Ashton!" Luke suddenly yelled and without hesitation, jumped off the roof. He landed perfectly on his feet and instantly bro-hugged his friend. "I thought you weren't gonna be back until Monday?"

"Figured I'd come a day early," The two were overjoyed to see each other.

"Don't mean to break up the bro-fest going on but can someone help me get down?"

The two boys looked up at me and instantly extended their arms. "Jump."

"No way," I moved back from the end of the roof. "None of you are going to catch me."

Ashton whispered something to Luke, who laughed and turned back to me. "Want us to bring the trampoline?"

"No! I'll jump and miss and possibly kill myself!"

Ashton then stepped forward. "Look, I promise you that you won't fall and hurt yourself. Just jump and one of us will catch you."

He took off his shades and I was instantly hooked into his bright greenish hazel eyes. "You promise you're gonna catch me?"

"Cross my heart."

"I'll kill you if you don't catch me," I joked. But in all honesty I was serious.

"Deal," He smiled again.

I stood up and eased my way down to the end of the roof. I looked at Luke who gave me a reassuring look that everything would be ok.

I counted aloud to three before jumping down and right into Ashton's arms. His arms were tight around my waist as he tried to balance himself. Scared of possibly falling, I kept my grip; my arms wrapped around his neck.

"You okay?" Ashton whispered in my ear. 

I opened my eyes and saw that I was safe. I looked at Ashton who had a smug look on his face. "And you doubted that I'd catch you."

I was so mesmorized by his eyes to notice that Luke was calling me. 

"You can get off now."

"Sorry," I awkwardly let go of Ashton. I went by Luke's side, slightly hiding behind him. Luke held my hand and smiled.

"So you're Olivia?" Ashton looked down at Luke and I's hand.

"What's it to you?"

"Nothing," Ashton said. He looked at Luke and winked, "I've just heard a lot about you. Wish I could've met you when you came down some weeks ago, but I was away."

"I hope good things were said about me," I looked at Luke.

"Very good things," Ashton replied. "Now I hate to be the one to break you two up but I need Luke for practice."

Luke gave me another reassuring look before saying, "We'll talk later Olivia!"

I nodded and watched them walk into the house. Ashton quickly ran back outside and said, "Hey beautiful, wanna do me a favor?"

"I don't even know you," I replied.

"I need my drumsticks and-"

"Sounds like a personal problem," I smiled politely and brushed past him to go inside. I went upstairs to my room and Ashton was right behind me.

"I saved your life so I think you could do me this small favor," Ashton folded his arms and stood at the entrance of my room. "I'll even pay you."

"How much we talkin?"

He pulled out his wallet and went through some bills. "You're American right? How's fifty bucks sound? I have a hundred so-" He pulled out the hundred dollar bill and I grabbed it.

"Fifty sounds good but hundred is better."

I grabbed my black leather jacket and cell phone and tried to leave but Ashton used his entire body to block me. "I want back my fifty, Luke's girlfriend."

"Sure you'll get it back," I pushed myself out of my room. "When I'm dead, Luke's friend."

I ran down the stairs, grabbed my skateboard and made my way outside. I got on my skateboard and skated around for a bit before I realized that I had no idea where I was supposed to be looking for Ashton's stupid drumsticks.

"Hey Luke?" I dialed Luke's cell.

"Nope, this is Luke's friend. How can I be of assistance?"

"Where are these drumsticks you need so badly you couldn't get yourself?"

"I let an old friend borrow them. He's at school right now but you just have to go in and ask for him."

"This sounds more like a mission than a favor," I continued to skate away from the house.

"The school isn't far. I'll text you the address," Ashton insisted. Before I could protest and tell him he didn't have my number, he hung up. Soon after, I got a text from Luke's phone with the address and a name.

"Thank goodness for Google maps," I laughed, inserting the address into my phone.

Thankfully I had my skateboard or it would have been a longer way to the school. Why would he even have friends still in high school? He looked like he could be in college or even a college graduate.

I walked into the school and easily found my way to the office. The secretary looked at me confused and went back to her work on the computer. Was she not going to help me?

"Hi, I'm looking for a certain guy that goes to school here," I politely walked to her desk. A sheet or two of paper were on the desk, and the only thing on the computer was a game of solitaire. 

"Depends on who it is and why you need them."

"Look, my name's Olivia and I just moved here. I need-"

"Are you American by any chance?"

I nodded, though her question had nothing to do with my what I was trying to do. "You must be here for the exchange student program. Welcome!"

The secretary quickly got up and fixed her outfit. She ran around her desk and stood in front of me. "I'm so sorry for my attitude, I didn't have my coffee this morning."

"I actually just wanted-"

"I'm sure you're going to love it here at Norwest Christian College. At first we weren't sure if you would still come but now that you're here, you can easily start classes tomorrow morning."

At that moment I got a text from Luke's phone from Ashton telling me that his friend was my height, blonde, and was out on the football (soccer) field. Great description.


"Chillingworth," the Secretary smiled.

"May I get a quick tour of the school? I heard a lot about the beautiful outside field you have," I lied. "My parents weren't able to make it so I came alone."

"Of course!" Mrs. Chillingworth wrapped her arm around mine and walked me out of the office.


We toured the entire school and I instantly fell in love. Despite the biblical culture and the uniform blazers being green, this school was amazing.

"And on Tuesday we have crazy hair day, which you're just in time for," Mrs. Chillingworth winked at me. "And we finally end the tour with the football field - or soccer, as the Americans call it. No offense."

"Trust me, none taken," I smiled politely. 

The football field was pretty large and a few girls were sitting on benches watching a group of boys play.

"You know your way out, right?" Mrs. Chillingworth asked as I kept my eye on the game.

I nodded reassuringly. "Definitely. I'll see you on Monday to discuss my classes."

Chillingworth patted me and walked away. I sighed deeply and walked onto the field. 

"Oi, girl on the field!" a blonde guy yelled as the ball rolled towards me.

I caught it with my foot and kicked it back hard. The ball flew far and straight past the blonde guy.

"Sorry!" I yelled. 

A few boys went after it and the blonde one started to walk towards me. "Do I know you from somewhere?"

"Nope, I'm new . . . I'm American if you couldn't tell from my accent," I smiled politely.

"So you're the one who's been missing? Glad to see you actually showed up," The boy smiled widely. "Can I help you with something beautiful? Aren't you suppose to be touring with the Secretary?"

"I did already," I answered. "You have something that I need."

"Oh do I?" The blonde boy stepped closer to me. His blue eyes and pearly white smile reminded me so much of Luke. 

"Yeah," I tried to restrain myself from kissing Luke's look alike. "This guy named Ashton told me that a blonde guy playing football had his drumsticks...you're the only blonde out here."

The look alike shook his head and started to walk away. He looked back and gestured for me to follow him. I ran close behind to the benches where he was rummaging through a bag.

A few girls looked at me with either disgust, jealously, or probably both. I could see why they would be jealous; he looks like he could be Luke's twin, minus the really tall height. 

He pulled out a pair of wooden drumsticks and handed them to me. I grabbed them but he still had a strong grip on them. 

"My name's Stiles, since Ashton decided not to inform you about that," Stiles smirked. "So I'll be seeing you Monday?"

"Sure," Is all I could say.

Stiles moved a bit closer. "Don't be afraid to say hi, if you see me in the halls."

He let go of the drumsticks and I made a run for it, clutching tightly onto my skateboard and Ashton's drumsticks.

I ran towards the entrance and was stopped by Chillingworth. 

"Ms. Olivia!" She called after me. I stopped in my tracks and slowly turned around. 

"Here is your uniform. I was just faxed your information from your previous school in America. Try them and if they don't fit, we can get you a different size in the morning."

I quickly said thanks and made my way out of the school. What the hell did I just get myself into?

So to those of you who have read the three chapters so far I can't thank you enough. Writer's block has been a struggle and so is finishing up my senior year of high school. Here is another chapter of Drummer's Boy, please read it, leave feedback and possibly share it. I'm almost finished with the next two chapters :)

Peace and Love - Allison ♡

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