Drummer Boy

Olivia "Olive" Simpson was the new girl . . .again. Originating from the U.S., her father is a music recruiter and writer, causing her to move all around the world. From America to the United Kingdom and now Australia, Olivia has only made famous friends. Not that it's a terrible thing, but she wants to settle down and experience being a normal 15 year old teenager. But she meets Ashton who girls around Sydney are saying is a bad boy and is nothing but trouble. Her father is now recruiting him and his friends' band, 5 Seconds of Summer, and tells Olivia not to involve herself with them. Will she succumb to Ashton's bad boy charm or will she remain the new good girl that she's always been and stay under her father's rules?

~Bad Boys Ain't No Good And The Good Boys Ain't No Fun~


3. Boy Meets Girl

"Get me out of this hell hole," I groaned to my best friend.

"Haha, you are fine. I'm sure being homeschooled isn't so bad."

"The lady drives me nuts, no offense to her cute son."

So yeah, I was growing feelings for Luke. Never thought I'd see the day I'd be interested in my teacher's son. After two weeks of seeing him walk around shirtless has made me realize that he's more gorgeous than I thought.

"Oh please, you only like Luke because you saw him with no shirt on!" my best friend pretended to fangirl.

I gasped as he laughed at me. "Harry Edward Styles, you take that back!"


For the next hour he mocked me about my crush until Mrs. Hemmings was at my bedroom door telling me it was time for dinner.

"I'll talk to you soon, Haz. Love you," I kissed the phone.

Harry's kisses were loud over the phone. "Love you too, loser." I smiled as I hung up and threw my phone onto the bed.

"Was that your boyfriend, sweetie? You could have just came down when you were done."

Wow, if only she would've said that while I was still on the phone. "No, Mrs. Hemmings, he's not. He's technically my only best friend."

"Technically?" she gave me a worried look.

"Nothing," I brushed it off. I stood from my bed and waited for Liz to lead the way downstairs.

I paused as I reached the bottom set of stairs. That familiar smell suddenly made my mouth water and my eyes bulged. Could that be the one food I could stand so far that I've been here?

"Pizza's here!" I could hear my little brother scream. I hopped over the stair railing and pass Liz and ran straight for the kitchen. Luke watched in awe as I grabbed a plastic plate and a slice of pepperoni pizza.

"Woah," Luke spoke softly.

'What?" I asked with my mouth stuffed with half of the pizza slice. Luke kept quiet and continued to stare at me.

Mason sat at the table next to Luke and giggled. "I told you she would do that," he gave Luke a small punch. "Pay up."

Luke dug money out of his pocket and gave it to Mason who ran off with it. Probably to keep it in the piggy bank he carries around with him. "That's my boy!"

Liz walked in then and looked surprised at me as I finished my slice and went to sit at the table, opposite of Luke. Luke and his mother shared a glance and I paid no mind to it. I liked pizza, so what. It's been forever since I've tasted "legit" pizza.

"So what are you two kids going to do on this beautiful Saturday night?"

I looked at Luke quickly. To be honest, ever since I've come here all I've done is eat, sleep, shower, do work, and listen to Luke practice with his friends...though that was becoming sort of a problem.

"So Olivia..." 

"What Michael?" I scolded him.

"Feisty woman is feisty..." Michael poked my cheek. "I was just wondering something about you?"

I had a feeling of where this was going. "Michael, I may be single but I'm not looking for anybody."

At that moment Luke looked at me and then gave his attention back to his computer. Michael grabbed my wrist and pulled me onto his lap as he sat on the bed. I tried to push my self off but his grip was tight. "Dude let go."

"I just wanna talk," Michael pouted.

I pretended to be disgusted by his puppy dog face. "Hate to break it to you but that face only works with Calum." Calum, who was sitting next to Luke got up and when I thought he was going to save me from Papa Smurf , he instead helped Michael by kissing one side of my cheek and pushing me into Michael who kissed me on my other cheek.

"I hate you guys."

Luke and I were still exchanging looks. "Now that you say that I guess I could show Olivia around Sydney for a bit."

I almost choked on my food on that thought. I'm not okay with this. I am definitely not okay with this. Being all alone with my crush/housemate in a place I wasn't familiar with was just like me asking for trouble. Anything could happen to me.

What if I get lost? What if we separate? What if-

"Is that alright with you Olivia? I could drop you guys off somewhere and just see you guys when you get back?"

"Sure," I instantly responded looking down at my pizza. I mentally slapped myself? What's wrong with me?!

Luke beamed with joy. "But I don't have any Australian money so-"

"Don't worry about that," Luke said with his mouth full. I looked up at him and he was staring at me intensely. "I got it covered. And mom I think it'd be better if we walked...so she could get used to the surroundings."

I gulped as quietly as I could. This is not what I wanted to do on a Saturday night. For once since I got here, I planned on actually doing something productive: enroll my sims into university and get them a degree.

"Great," I groaned.

Luke got up and threw away his food and grabbed my arm pulling me out of the conjoined dining room/kitchen. Did no one just see him pull me away like?

Once we got outside I pushed him aside. "What's your problem?" I stomped on his foot with my sneakers. "I wasn't finished with my pizza!"

Luke grabbed his foot and cursed at me in agony. I walked down the porch stairs and down the street. Maybe it was just me, but I was freezing cold. Oh that's right, all I have on is Converse sneakers, jean capris, and a regular old t shirt.

"So you got me out here, what now?" I asked, fixing my foot in my shoe.

"Like I said, I'm gonna show you around."

Luke started to walk ahead of me, pulling out his phone. I rolled my eyes and groaned. "Look, if you want to go and see you girlfriend, fine, but don't drag me along." I chased after him trying to catch up to him. For someone who was distracted by his phone, he was walking pretty fast.

"You do mean ex-girlfriend, right?" Luke stopped walking causing me to run into his back and fall backwards. I fell landing right on my ass, whining in pain, while Luke barely even budged.

He turned and looked at me. He crouched down and watched me struggle to get up. "What?" I looked at him confused. "You gonna help me or not?"

Sure, I may have come off a bit bitchy, but I was cold, nowhere close to being full, and my ass was now in incredible pain. So yeah, I have a right to be.

"Do you like me?" Luke said blatantly.

"I beg your pardon?" I looked at him bewildered.

Luke sat down in front of me and kept his eyes on me the entire time. He leaned forward, grabbing my waist, and pulling me in between him. "You heard me perfectly fine."

I sucked in my breath and shook my head. "I was too busy dealing with my bruised ass."

"They say if a girl asks or mentions to a guy about his potential 'girlfriend', she probably likes him."

I rolled my eyes and chuckled. "And who told you that...Michael?"

"Actually Calum."

Shit. They were much closer and if I knew one thing from the time I've spent with these guys..is that Calum tells Luke everything. And I'm pretty sure he told Luke.

"So," Calum patted the spot on the bed next to him.

I slowly walked towards and sat on the bed, still leaving distance between us. "I told you before that I'm not going to bite." He laughed goofily and pulled me beside him. "That's Michael."

"Sure," I looked away from him.

Calum looked at me suspiciously. I pulled out my phone and checked the time not realizing that my new screensaver was of Luke and I the day after we kissed...well almost. "What do you want?" I quickly joked, shoving my phone back into my pocket.

"Luke," he said straightforward. "I know you like him."

My mouthed opened wide. Was I that obvious. I mean the whole almost kissing thing was not enough proof that I liked Luke.

"It was always obvious."

"Really?" I asked, my face beginning to feel warm with embarrassment. Did I really say that out loud?!

"You did and besides I see the way you look at him," Calum smiled sweetly. "It's cute." He nudged my shoulder with his, mocking me.

Well that's embarrassing. "Just keep this between us."

At that moment, Luke walked into the room. "Oh, hey Liv, thought you were in your room," Luke smiled widely noticing my presence.

"Hey," I smiled back, quickly standing up from my spot next to Calum. "I came to ask Calum something and I did...so bye!" I turned quickly and left the room and began to walk upstairs. Calum stood at the door, looking as though he was closing it. I signaled for him to keep quiet and he made a gesture of him 'zipping his lips' before winking and closing the door.

"And you believe what he says," I asked seriously.

"Well yeah..he's my best friend."

I lightly pushed myself away from him and got up off the floor. I stuck my hand out for Luke to grab. He looked up at me and I quickly looked away. He declined, getting up off the ground on his own. We began to walk back in the original direction we started in.

I watched Luke text Calum something but I chose not to be nosy. "Luke.."

"Mhm?" He kept his eyes on his phone.

"Let's just go back to the house. I have something better we could do besides you making me walk around aimlessly," I grabbed his hand. He looked down at our hands and looked up to me smiling eagerly. "It's much better than going off into the city and what not."

"Well what are we going to be doing?"

"You'll see."


"This is not what I had in mind," Luke bit into his pizza.

"Yeah," I replied, my mouth stuffed with food. "But it's so much better."

Luke and I got back to the house, kicked off our shoes, grabbed some pizza and climbed to the roof. I've always wanted to watch the sun go down on the top of a roof...I just never had anyone to do it with. 

"I guess," Luke seemed bored.

I started to feel bad, making Luke sit up here with me but he was about to make me walk around with him. Maybe know one seems to realize this, but I'm like a level 82 of laziness. If I could I would crawl everywhere I go, but even then I'd be too lazy.

"I'm sorry," I said aloud.

Luke looked away from the sky and focused on me. "For what?" 

"For not letting you take me out, for making us do something you find boring, and for not even answering your questions," I blurted out fast. "I'm a very confusing girl and I even confuse myself sometimes. I'm lazy, goofy, and I tend to be sassy at times without knowing...I'm just sorry."

I did the only thing I felt was right, which was to hug him. He wrapped his muscular arms around me and hugged me tightly. I could smell the fresh cologne that he put on. It was so good and I honestly think I sniffed him. "Are you sniffing me?" He chuckled pulling me away and looking at me.

"What?" I looked down at my hands, which were now on my lap.

"You're so adorable," Luke responded quickly.

"Shut up," I turned away and to the sky. "Oh my god it's here!"

Luke looked at what I was referring to and instantly he lost his breath for a quick second. I decided to sneak myself into a cuddle with him. As soon as I scooted closer next to him, he wrapped his arm right around me and we both leaned back on the roof.

"Isn't it amazing and beautiful," I asked, still staring at the sky. The flaming red orange and pink forming the sky just always inspired me to want to make something as stunningly beautiful. Watching the intense colors and peaceful landscape view from the rooftop of Luke's house just felt so perfect.

So peaceful that I could just fall asleep.

"So . . . are you ever going to answer my question?" Luke asked in a low voice.

I readjusted my head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat. The steady beat pushed me into slumber. "What question?"

I knew what he was going to say, I could feel it by the beat of his heart increasing. "Do you like me?"

The sunset and his heartbeat were causing me to do the opposite of what I intended to do. Stay awake

Of course I liked him, I don't think he needed to hear it from me in order to see how I felt about him. I assumed I answereed when I sensed him chuckle and he started to rub his hand up and down my arm.

Goodnight sunset. Goodnight Luke.

A/N: Sorry for the long wait. I've been saving and doing my work on Wattpad. If you guys want you can download the app or whatever and read my stories on there. I'll still post my stuff on here if it makes you guys happier. Comments, Liking, and sharing it really helps me with seeing if it's good so far and what you guys are hoping to read farther along. Love you guys xx

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