Drummer Boy

Olivia "Olive" Simpson was the new girl . . .again. Originating from the U.S., her father is a music recruiter and writer, causing her to move all around the world. From America to the United Kingdom and now Australia, Olivia has only made famous friends. Not that it's a terrible thing, but she wants to settle down and experience being a normal 15 year old teenager. But she meets Ashton who girls around Sydney are saying is a bad boy and is nothing but trouble. Her father is now recruiting him and his friends' band, 5 Seconds of Summer, and tells Olivia not to involve herself with them. Will she succumb to Ashton's bad boy charm or will she remain the new good girl that she's always been and stay under her father's rules?

~Bad Boys Ain't No Good And The Good Boys Ain't No Fun~


1. Another Day, Another Country

Hi! So this is my first 5 Seconds of Summer story. It's taking place after their tour with One Direction and they're back home in Australia. So hope you enjoy :)


"Aren't you a bit young for coffee?"

"And aren't you a bit old to be wearing a mini skirt?"

"Olivia! Apologize."

I rolled my eyes. Of course it's me that has to apologize.

"Sorry," I fake smiled. She nodded her head and began to walk away. "Don't forget the four sugars, toots!"

I laughed at my own rudeness. I couldn't help myself. It was a window of opportunity and I took it. I looked at my father who was holding my little brother, and was not amused.

"Olivia, why must you insist on drawing attention?" my father shook his head annoyed.

"Hmm," I tapped my chin. "Maybe because my father is too involved with his work and I no longer have a mother."

The old flight attendant walked back. Without removing eye contact from my father, I opened my hand and took the four packs of sugar. I pulled a five dollar bill out of my jean pocket and gave it to her. "Go buy yourself a longer skirt."

My father shook his head and put his attention back to my brother Mason.

Once again, he stopped paying attention to me.

I'm 15. I know most teenagers my age would kill to have their parents off their backs and have my life but to be honest it's terrible. My father is a music recruiter, meaning he travels the world trying to get some upcoming musicians to join his boss' record label. He introduced me to One Direction and got them started in the U.S. I mean, sure they were very popular in the United Kingdom, but it was my father who put them in America. But it wasn't easy. He made sacrifices . . .well I mean we all did. I left my friends and moved to London with my father. Started a new life.

But all good things come to an end.

We traveled to Tokyo for a few months and now Australia. I promised myself that if I had to suffer and move once again after this, becoming the new girl that not one single person knows, I was heading back to America.

"We ask that you fasten your seat belts-" the pilot over the intercom instructed. I tightened my belt and clutched my small pillow and phone, my two protectors, embracing once again my fear of flying.


I was glad when we landed. Traveling around the world on a plane can really get to you.

"So who are we staying with this time?" I groaned, dragging my two suitcases behind me.

"An old colleague of mine. She's a teacher and she'll be helping you with school."

"Why would I need her help?"

"Well," my father grunted, struggling to push the cart of luggages and hold Mason at the same time. "At the moment, I can't afford to put you into another school, so she'll be your tutor."

"No. Absolutely not.......hell no."

"Watch your mouth."

"You watch yours father," I smirked. He stopped the cart and I continued to walk ahead of him. "Am I pissing you off, father?"

I could sense him trying to calm himself down, for he had no way of expressing his anger. He pushed his thick brown glasses upward and pushed the cart once more.

"I actually think you're pissing him off, Olivia," Mason giggled. For a four year old he sure could speak clear, definite sentences.

I went over to him and pinched his cheeks. "I know I am," I winked.

"Nathan!" an older blonde woman yelled, waving her hands in our direction.

"Liz!" my father shouted back, walking over to the woman, leaving Mason and I with the luggage.

"Thanks dad," I muttered.

"Hey," a boy walked up to me. "You're Olivia?"

I turned my head to see a boy in a beanie and blue varsity jacket standing over me.

"Yeah, and you're Australian?"

He laughed and nodded. "Yeah. My name's Luke."

Luke stuck his hand out to me.

"As you know I'm Olivia," I smiled shaking his hand. "And this little guy here is Mason."

Mason hid behind me. Luke bent down to his level and smiled. "Hey there buddy. I'm Luke."

"I heard you the first time when you were flirting with my sister," he coward more behind my legs.

Luke looked up at me. "Feisty kid," he stood up and smirked. "Like you."

"Thanks. I've trained him well."

Luke walked past me and took over my father's job of pushing the cart of suitcases. My father and what seemed to be Luke's mother continued to talk as Luke and I put the suitcases in the black truck.

"So where you from?" Luke grunted, pushing in the last suitcase.

"America. But I've traveled a lot," I answered.

"Yeah? I was there not too long ago with my band."

I looked up from my phone. "Band?"

He looked at me confused. "Mhm. I'm in 5 Seconds of Summer."


"Cool," is all that could come out of my mouth. With so much traveling all I've ever done is listen to the music on my android phone and the groups that my father was working with.

I could tell Luke seemed a bit speechless. I'm guessing him hearing that I'm American meant I was gonna pounce on him and fangirl like all the other Americanized teenagers.

"Olivia?" another voice called out to me. I turned from Luke and was now facing....Luke's mother.

"That's my name, don't wear it out," I smiled.

"Liz," she smiled. "It's a pleasure to meet my future student."

She instantly pulled me into a hug. Great, I'm hugging my new teacher. That sounds not weird at all.

"But if you want, Mrs. Hemmings is alright."

I only nodded my head. I wanted to say something smart, but if I wanted to satisfy my dad, I would just have to keep my mouth shut.

"Well we should get going. Dinner was already on the stove when you called," she batted her eyes at my father.

Not only did I seem to make a new friend, but his mother, also my new teacher, is flirting with my sadly married father. Isn't this just freaking fantastic.

{A/N: Yay for first chapter. I'm really excited about this book, I have a huge idea of what I want to happen and I'm sure you guys are gonna love it. Please share this story. It's like my first 5sos story and I'm pretty unsure if it's off to a good start or not.}

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