Georgia Rose

I'm not your original everyday girl. I'm not pretty. I'm not smart. All I am is a waste of space. When I was 2 months old, my mother died in an accident, which left me with my father. When I was around 8 years old, He kept telling me how it was all my fault and he told me I was worthless. He always would start to take out his anger on me. He would hit me, call me names and even make me sleep outside. Around the age of 11, I started to slit my wrists and it became a habit. Until I met Niall, He changed everything.
I'm Georgia Rose, and this is my story.


1. •ρяσℓσgυє•

"GEORGIA!!!!!" I heard a deep voice boom through the house. It was my dad. He would always come home late at night drunk. "WHERE ARE YOU, BITCH!?" His voice boomed again.

I was in my room in my bed. He slammed the door open. I quickly pretended to be asleep.

"I know your awake, bitch. Stop playing these fucking games." He slapped me across the face. I looked up to see my dad. He slapped me once again. Tears filled up my eyes and my hands were shaky.

I could see a knife in his back pocket. I was terrified at this point. He got the knife out and slit my neck. I screamed in pain and blood was everywhere. Tears were streaming down my face.

I looked up to see my dad laughing. With that, he left the room.

My vision was getting blurry, Then I let darkness take over me.




A/N: Hi Guys!! Please tell if you like this! I don't know if I should keep this story going... Please share your opinions. Love you guys! Mwah! xx <3



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