Georgia Rose

I'm not your original everyday girl. I'm not pretty. I'm not smart. All I am is a waste of space. When I was 2 months old, my mother died in an accident, which left me with my father. When I was around 8 years old, He kept telling me how it was all my fault and he told me I was worthless. He always would start to take out his anger on me. He would hit me, call me names and even make me sleep outside. Around the age of 11, I started to slit my wrists and it became a habit. Until I met Niall, He changed everything.
I'm Georgia Rose, and this is my story.


4. Chapter 3

I woke up to sound of screaming girls from my window. I groaned. I got up, still half asleep and looked to see what it was. There were five boys coming to the hotel while tons of girls were trying to mob them. I saw the same boy wearing the black hoodie and sunglasses from Starbucks. Ohhhh. Now I see why he was wearing that disguise. God, could I be more dumb?

They walked into the hotel and dissapeared. Their bodyguards were blocking the doors so the girls cant get inside. Jesus, who are these people?

It was time to go to work so I put some regular clothes on with the apron. I grabbed my phone, wallet and my bag and I walked out of the room and down the hallway.

As I was walking I went on my phone to text my boss. I wasn't paying attention and then I bumped into someone."Oh my god, I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention." I look up to see blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Its alright, love." He said with his thick Irish accent. My heart just melted.

"I didn't catch your name yesterday, I'm Niall." He smiled at me.

"I'm Georgia Rose" I smiled back. "Beautiful name." "Really? Wow. Thanks."

"Why were you wearing a disguise yesterday?" "I was avoiding from getting mobbed by girls." I was really confused. "Girls?" "Yeah, You know, fans?" I furrowed my eyebrows                                         "Are you famous or something...?" His jaw literally dropped. "What..?"

"You don't know the band One Direction?" I was so confused. "No.."

"Well, I'm in a band that's really popular right now." "Oh.." I nodded.

"Can I see your phone?" I raised an eyebrow. "Um.. Sure?" I handed him my phone.

He typed something in my phone. He gave it back to me. I looked at my phone and see he put his number in my contacts and gave himself the name Nialler. I laughed quietly to myself.

"Well, I'd love to hang out right now, but I have work. Call you later?"

"Sounds great!"

"Bye, Niall." He waved at me.

I left the building and walked to work. I walked inside and there was already a huge line. I got there just in time for my shift. I sighed. This is going to be a long day.



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