Rise to Fame

Skylar Green is an ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams. This fourteen year old Directioner has always wanted to be a professional singer and to be able to go on tour with One Direction would be "a dream come true!" When Skylar gets offered a record deal, will the struggle of getting to the top be worth it?


3. Six More Months

Three weeks had gone by since Skylar and her dad had talked about The X Factor. Blake and her mom, Heather, have been extremely supportive of her.

Today was the day that she was going to start vocal lessons.

"Alright, Sky. After school today, we are going straight home to let you change clothes, then we're going to drive to your vocal teacher's house. Her name is Samantha and I think you'll really enjoy her," Heather said. "Now go get ready for school."

Skylar sighed and trudged upstairs to her bedroom. She opened her closet door and thought, "Today is Monday. What shall I wear?"

She pulled out a lime green tank top and put a jacket over it. "No...." She thought. "It's not the right look for today."

After a couple of minutes, she finally found the perfect outfit: A loose orange shirt with blue skinny jeans, boots, and a tan-colored scarf.

She quickly brushed her hair and teeth, then headed downstairs for breakfast. There was a plate on the table with bacon and waffles. Skylar got up and grabbed a cup and filled it up with orange juice.

When she was done with her plate, she put it in the sink and waited for her mom in the car, but when she got outside, only her brother's car was there.

Skylar sighed as she got in the passenger side of her brothers car. To her surprise, Blake was already waiting for her!!

"Mom had to leave earlier for work today. She said that she would only have time to make you breakfast and I would have to drive you to school." Blake said without her even asking. She nodded as they headed to school.

{After School}

As soon as the bell rang, Skylar zoomed out of the classroom. She had no trouble finding her mom's car in the parking lot.

"Hi, Sky!" Her mom said as she got in.

"Hey, mom. So...are we heading home now?"

Her mom nodded as they left the school.

When they got home, Skylar ran inside and changed.

She was just about to put on her shoes when her mom came in. "Are you ready yet? We really have to go!!"

"Mom! We literally JUST got home!! I'm not a wizard! I can't just wave a magic wand and put on a new outfit!!"

Heather sighed and went to the car with Skylar following closely behind.

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