The Cloaked Guardian

I've been here for over two millinia, and I still haven't forgotten...
Why did he do that to me?
*A Naruto and Rise of the Guardians crossover*


4. Chapter 3

          Voices were the first thing I heard.

          Where was I?

          I peeked my eyes open to see…

          Just my luck… The Guardians…

          “But what did he mean ‘little Hanna’?” A voice yelled, obviously in frustration.

          Sandy, as I saw, was making a barrage of sand images over his head, and the little white-haired brat tried to understand.

          Aww, great! So he’s joined the Guardians! Well that makes everything better… NOT!

          I sat up, and felt a hot pain spread through my arm.

          Why was I here? The Guardians… they don’t want me here, I’m sure of it…

          So why bring me?

          They finally seemed to notice that I was awake, and turned toward me.

          “Who are you?” Frost bluntly asked me.

          Nice way to greet me back. I thought.

          I stayed silent, however, my face a mask in itself.

          “Hey, didn’t you hear me?”

          I just stared at him. How stupid can these guys get?

          “Ask one of your teammates. They should know.”

          Frost looked at them. None seemed to know.

          “Hm. Typical. You people don’t even recognize me? I should think at least one of you would, especially since not much has changed since I was last here.”

          I looked around. They were all glaring at me. All except Sandy, who was looking at me, surprised.

          Sandy was about to guess, but I interrupted him.

          “Sandy… don’t. I want to see if they can figure it out.”

          He looked at me pitifully, but nodded.

          Silence… silence…

          “Nothing?” I sighed. “Fine. I would be known as Hanna Ween now, but you people knew me as-“

          “Hanna Black.” Frost growled.

          “Oh, so you’ve finally recognized me, Frost!” I cackled.

          What can I say? You spend a millennia alone with Okami, you’re going to get some of his habits.

          Frost pointed his staff at me, ready to attack, and I got out of the bed, barely caring.

          He shot ice at me, to which I replied by jumping.

          The battle went on just like this, him attacking, me dodging, and no one helping either of us.

          “Attack, you coward!” Frost yelled, just as Bunnymund joined in.

          One by one, the Guardians joined in, except Sandy.

          I gritted my teeth. I knew I wouldn’t be able to fight these guys off, especially not in this state.

          I tried fleeing, but Bunnymund and North jumped in front of me, Frost and Tooth in the back, no doors, and no other halls. I was trapped.

          I transported about two meters away, and dashed toward the exit.

          But, that’s when my legs decided to fail me.

          I fell to the ground, coughing into my one good arm. I could hear them catching up, but what good was that?

          I only thought about the possibilities. Did they want to banish me? Did they want to just get rid of me? Did they want to torture me for information I didn’t have?

          “What did I do wrong to deserve this?” I looked up and mumbled. Why did he do this to me? Why me?

          I started to stand up and run again, but the Guardians were on my tail.


          I took a breath in, and started to do what I did when I needed more energy. It may not work, but…

          “Can you hear… my cries…

          Can you see… my eyes…

          I am calling… Out to you…


          As I thought, it didn’t work. Okami has to be available, and right now, he was sealed tighter than he had ever been in a long time.

          “Okami… I’m sorry…”

          I ran as fast as I could, starting to finally lose them.

          But, of course, fate had to work against me.

          Bunnymund had conjured one of his tunnels when I was just about to make it to the woods, where I would be able to unseal Okami and heal my broken arm.

          I wish I could do it now and here, but I wouldn’t be able to heal my arm without Okami being there to lend me some chakra, and I can’t unseal Okami without some time…

          And don’t you go saying that I could’ve just transported out of there, because I couldn’t. I had just enough chakra to keep me alive, not enough to do the transportation jutsu.

          I glared heavily at Bunnymund, and he returned the favor. He had his sharpest boomerang to my neck, and I knew that he would kill me, if he could.

          “Why do you guys hate me so much?” I asked. I just couldn’t take it anymore, I want to know why!

          He seemed shocked for just a sliver of a second, but covered his surprise. “You should know why.”

          “Well, I don’t! Is it because my last name is Black, or because I’m a monster?” I yelled, “What is it?”

          “You deserted us in our time of need.” He started. “You went to your father’s side. You almost killed us. You never came back to us. You… You became a monster.”

          Anger boiled up inside me, filling me with pure rage.

          “I didn’t desert you, my father… if I could even call him that… took me away when I was training, and kept me at his lair. While I was there-“ I raised my bangs, revealing a mark. (in the pic.)”He used this mark to gain control over me. And, as for the last part, I was always a monster, a tool, through life, and now. That has been my reason for existence.”

          He looked shocked, and I realized that this was my chance.

          I ran around him and into the woods, where I spent my nights.

          That’s when I saw him.

          Oh, what do I have to do to heal here?!

          “Pitch.” I growled, getting in a defensive stance.

          “Don’t even bother, Hanna. I’m not here to fight.”

          I narrowed my eyes at him, and waited for him to continue.

          “Ah, for once you’re being smart. I am going to ask you once more. Join me.”

          His hand opened into a welcoming gesture, and I grimaced.

          “I wouldn’t join you if you and your stupid ponies were the last things on Earth!”

          He smiled poison, then flipped his hand over, and clenched it into a fist, blood dribbling out of his palm.

          That’s when I felt it.

          A thousand knifes were being lodged into the same exact location on my head. All I could see was inky blackness for miles, darker than when I closed my eyes. I heard a scream. It was probably mine. I couldn’t tell. My hearing was messed up. I could only hear the screams of nightmares and shrieks of the fallen. The pain, oh, the pain, what pain there was! Pain echoing through my body, bouncing and laughing like a child. Oh, why Kami, why! Why must I alone suffer this?

          Then, it all ended.

          How much time had passed by? A minute? A day? A week? A year?

          The only thing I could see was crimson blood littering the white snow.

          And Pitch Black was gone.

          The Guardians were gone.

          And there I was, sitting there with nothing except my blood-stained cloak of brown.


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