The Cloaked Guardian

I've been here for over two millinia, and I still haven't forgotten...
Why did he do that to me?
*A Naruto and Rise of the Guardians crossover*


2. Chapter 1

        I woke up to the brightness of the sun.
        Stretching, yawning, and putting on my cloak and weapons were a normal thing for me.
        But not today.
        I smiled as I put on my wood-carven mask, knowing the wolfish style of it.
        Then, I grabbed my cloak and ran, putting it on during the little trip to the heart of Burgess.
        Oh, how I love Halloween!!!
        I smiled, twisting and turning in the frosty grass, breathing in the crispy air.
        'This was always his favorite holiday…'
        And just with that thought, I started welling up with tears.
        'Oh, Naruto…' I thought sadly.
        'Hey, cheer up, Hanna! It’s your favorite holiday too!' Said my annoying friend, Okami.
        I smiled, and continued hopping on the rooftops.
        I watched as night started to fall, the sun going away, inch by inch.
        I grinned, seeing the children start to get in their costumes, werewolves and mummies, princesses and fairies.
        Time to do my job…
        Today is when he is strongest…
        I went to the forest to grab my weapons.
        “Let’s see… metal claws, kunai, shuriken, paper bombs, chakra scrolls…”
        The chakra scrolls were something I had invented. They were like storing scrolls, but instead of weapons and necessities, they stored chakra.
        “…if this goes south, I’ll probably need this…” I grabbed my giant shuriken, my strongest weapon.
        “…Leaf headband…” I grabbed my headband and tied it around my forehead.
        “and finally…” I quickly grabbed a scroll and strapped it messily on my back.
        'The moon’s almost there…' I thought. 'Better hurry…'
        And I ran to his hideout.
        I was there, panting, waiting for the battle to commence.
        “Ahhh, Hanna, you’re finally hereee…” He said, sighing throughout his sentence.
        I clenched my fist, ready for battle.
        The pale figure finally appeared, still ugly as ever.
        “Hello Pitch.’’ I growled, Okami starting to fight to get out.
        'Not yet, Okami…' I thought, trying to suppress the pain he was causing.
        'But Hanna, something’s not right…' He said back.
        “Shall we begin?’’ he said, raising his right hand in front of him.
        I smirked, and charged, dodging his dark sand.
        “What’s going on?” A boy with snowy whit hair asked, looking at a giant globe.
        “What do you mean, Jack?” A Russian voiced man said, walking into the room.
        “I mean that!” the boy, or Jack, said, pointing to the globe.
        The globe was suddenly getting darker, the lights flickering. The dark sand that the guardians knew so well started to slowly work its way around, then was suddenly pushed back by a white powder.
        But, the dark sand started to consume the white powder, and…
        It all suddenly disappeared.
        “This is bad…” North said, concern in his eyes, as he walked forward.
        “North, what are you doing?” Jack asked as North pulled a switch.
        “We need the other guardians!”


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