This story is about this girl who gets bullied and gets abused by her father? will everyone turn against her? or will everyone go with her? find out in my story called Abused.
Enjoy! No Hate!


5. Y-y-you Cheated On Me

One day after school i deicided to meet up with everyone. Louis was only there. 

Louis: Hey Sierra

Sierra: Hey Louis. Where is Niall?

Louis: umm, i think he went somewhere with Perrie.

Sierra: Ok then um do you know where they could have gone.

Louis: Um i think back at Niall's house.

Sierra: Oh okay thanks Lou, I'll see you later Louis.

Louis: Ok see ya later.

After I left Louis i went to Niall's house. I got there and knocked on the door and got no answer. I knocked again and still got no answer. I then pulled out the key Niall gave me. I opened the door and seen something that I never in my life would think of seeing. I seen Niall making out with Perrie on our couch. 

Sierra: NIALL!!!!!

Niall: Sierra, No its not what it looks like.

Sierra: Niall w-w-we are d-d-done.

Niall: no Sierra please don't do this!

I left the house in tears. I decided to go to Louis's flat. 

Louis: Hey Sierra, what's wrong?

Sierra: Niall h-he cheated on me with p-perrie

Louis: Oh Sierra, I'm sorry, He wasn't worth it then.

Louis pulled me into a hug and laid down on the couch and held me tight to his chest.


* Hey guy I'm Jessica the co-author hope you enjoy this and Happy 1D Day!!!!!! :)*


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