This story is about this girl who gets bullied and gets abused by her father? will everyone turn against her? or will everyone go with her? find out in my story called Abused.
Enjoy! No Hate!


1. Hi

Sierra's Point of View.

hi my name is Sierra Mae Johnson. I am 16, my mom passed away when I was 8. I really miss her. ever since my mom, you know.. my dad goes out to bars every night or he has me go out and get him beer. I say to my dad I'm only 16. but he don't care. you want to know the worst part? he abuses me. I haven't said anything to my best friend Jessica. I don't want her to feel bad for me. I mean she getting a clue. or whatever. my best friend Niall would kill my dad, and this bully named Louis William Tomlinson is giving me a hard time. he has a gang with him. they are Niall (Oh! I forgot! Niall is my EX best friend. and he wouldn't kill my dad!) note the sarcasm. there are three more guys in the group. they are Liam, harry, and Zayn. there is this girl named Perrie. she is the most popular and is dating Zayn Malik. there are three other girls who are dating these boys. Liam is dating Sophia (Perrie's Friend) Harry is dating Taylor (A/N: its not Taylor Swift its just a girl named Taylor.)

Also Perrie's friend. lets just say they are all Perrie's friends except Eleanor, Louis Girlfriend. she's friends with me. thank god.! anyway. Jessica is coming my way so better snap out of my thoughts. enjoy the story!

Jessica: Hey Best Friend!

Sierra: hey, did I ever tell you Liam Payne is my brother and that we have the same father but different mothers?

Jessica: does he know that?

Sierra: nope and we are going to keep it that way until I'm ready to tell him.

Jessica: okay. but are you serious?

Sierra: dead serious.

Jessica: why cant I tell him?

sierra: he would believe you and start bullying you.

Jessica: why not? and I don't care.

sierra: I don't know.

Jessica: whatever sierra, you're stupid sometimes.

sierra: Excuse me?

Jessica: your excused!!!!!!!!!!


*hey guys I hoped you guys loved the first chapter because chapter two and three are coming up. sorry chapter two, is short. probably chapter three will too. love you guys! -Caitlyn* 

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