Mint Hot Chocolate

Yuri was having an average day until she got hot coffee spilled on her. Now the guy that spilled it on her, by accident, is constantly in her life. Did she think it was going to be like this? No. Can she predict what's gonna happen next? Absolutely not.


2. Dinner for Three

Yuri threw herself onto her bed. She had a long, but fun day. Min-gi joined her in a shopping spree and ate ramen at a street corner before heading back home. Both of them bought new clothes and a few other things they liked. They sat at the foot of Yuri’s bed, waiting to be opened and used. Commanding the call of her new items, Yuri got up and laid everything nicely on her bed.

She had bought new outfits which she put in her closet, a couple of new beanies and hats for the winter, two pairs of mittens, scarves, sweaters, and other things to keep her warm. Yuri also bought new decorations for her tree. Every year, she bought one decoration for each person in her family. They served as a remembrance of all the things they wanted for her and how much they supported her. She picked up the box and carried it to the living room. Her apartment may be small, but the living room was big enough to have a few pieces of furniture.

The tree was lit up as Yuri liked, with white and colorful lights decorating it all around. There were decorations from last year and the year before. Yuri also hung up a picture of her younger sister. It made her a bit sad, but happy to see it. It was a bittersweet moment. While adjusting the last ornament on the tree, Yuri’s phone rang. She walked to her room and grabbed it before it went to voicemail. “Yoboseyo?” She answered.

“Linn Yuri?” A man on the other side of the line asked.

“Ne, Who is this?” Yuri had no idea who would call her, especially a guy. She was really curious as to who it was.

“Ah, it’s Kim Jonghyun, from the café.” He was relieved that he was able to reach her.

“Ah, ne. I remember you. How’d you get my number?” A dozen situations ran thru her mind. Could he be a stalker? A pervert? She didn’t want to know if he was anything worse than that.

“I asked the manager at the café. I told him I would get into contact with you about earlier.” There was noise in the background. “Are you okay?” He asked, genuinely concerned.

“I’m okay, don’t worry about it.” Yuri got up from her bed and started to put away some of the candles she bought. She placed them on the window seal.

“When you say that, I worry.” He laughed.

Yuri smiled and put the phone on speaker while she grabbed something from the fridge. “Well what are you going to do about it? It’s not like you can just come over and try to fix it.” She chuckled a bit.

“Are you sure about that?” He asked. At that moment, a knock on the door surprised Yuri. She walked over and opened it to find Jonghyun and someone else standing at his side.

“Hello,” he smiled at her. “May we come in?”

Yuri, confused by his presence, nodded and moved aside so he and his friend can come in. She watched them both carefully, searching for any reason as to why she shouldn’t trust them, but didn’t find any. They took of their shoes and walked around, admiring the Christmas tree. “Woah. It’s really pretty.” The other man said.

“Thank you.” Yuri smiled and studied him over. He was pretty, there’s no doubt in that, but he was also a bit, what was the word, masculine. He was taller than Jonghyun, that’s for sure, but there was no doubt in Yuri’s mind that he was younger. Perhaps they were friends, or maybe partners in crime that were going to attack her and take her away to a dark shed where they will question her and murder other people along the way.

The younger man turned to Yuri and smiled. “Annyeonghaseyo. My name is Lee Taemin. I’m a friend of Jonghyun hyung. You must be Linn Yuri. He told us about you.”

Us? Were there more accomplices to this? Were they all trying to kill her because she was the key to finding something they’ve been looking for? Yuri’s imagination was running wild.

“We work together. Lee Taemin, three other guys and I. We’ve been best friends since 2008.” Jonghyun was saying it as if it would click something in Yuri’s mind. It didn’t.

“Oh, annyeonghaseyo. I’m Linn Yuri. Nice to meet you.” She bowed to Taemin.

    “Taemin bowed back and smiled. “Hyung, you didn’t tell us she was cute.” Jonghyun blushed a bit and Taemin smiled. Yuri was all too familiar with people calling her cute, so she stopped reacting after a while.

    Jonghyun smiled and held up a bag he had in his hand. Steam was coming out from some of the holes of the bag, Yuri could smell it now that she noticed it. She couldn’t put her finger on what it was exactly, but it smelled amazing. “Let’s eat!” Jonghyun shouted happily. Taemin smiled when he saw Yuri’s face of joy at the sight of food. “Lead the way to the table.” Jonghyun said, looking at Yuri. She nodded and walked past the doorway next to the tree, Taemin and Jonghyun following.

    Yuri had a medium sized apartment for something in Korea. She lived alone, so it was more than enough space for her to do what she wanted without being disturbed. The kitchen had white walls with a vine pattern in the corner and between the shelves. It was a kitchen any mother would wish she had. Yuri pointed to a spot Jonghyun could put the bag and got some juices they could drink.

    Jonghyun opened the bag and pulled out some kimchi. Jonghyun, Taemin and the three other guys worked together to make some on their day off and decided to give some to Yuri as an apology. Yuri pulled out three bowls and set the table with the bowls, chopsticks, and glasses for the juice. Jonghyun served the kimchi and Taemin served the juice. Yuri got a few napkins before sitting down.

    “You know, you didn’t have to do this.” Yuri said as she stared at the food.

    Jonghyun giggled. “Yeah, but you’re kind of eyeing the food, so I think you were a bit hungry.” He pushed the bowl closer to Yuri with his chopsticks. “Eat. It looks like you haven’t eaten in days.”

    Yuri bowed her head “Thank you for the food. I’ll eat well.” She started to eat the food and opened her eyes wide in amazement. “This is amazing! Thank you.”

    They smiled and started eating. It was quiet while they were eating. The only sound you could hear was the sound of chopsticks hitting the bowls. After they ate, they cleaned up and went to the living room.

    “Thank you for the food.” She bowed. They bowed back and left. Yuri knew there had to be another reason for those boys coming to her apartment to eat, but she couldn’t think of anything. It couldn’t just be out of the goodness of their heart. Maybe her subscribers on Youtube would know. After all, there are 500,000 of them, one of them has to have an idea.

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