A Tragic Love Story

From a perfect romance between Brad and Monica, turns into an abusive situation, what will she do??


1. Brad's POV: The Lashout

I look over to see my perfect girlfriend, with her luscious brown hair and green eyes looking out the car window as we cruise to our spot. I turned down the radio.

"Hey," I asked, just to talk, "Whatcha' thinking about?" I pulled over to park and turned off the car.

"Nothing, just about how hungry I am." She laughed as we climbed out of my black 2006 Nissan Altima and got the picnic basket and blanket out of the back seat. We walked a little ways then laid out the blanket and sat down.

"I'm glad you could come with me," I purred as I leaned in to brush her lips with mine.

"Ya, I'm surprised they let me out of the house." She started to unpack the picnic basket with our lunch. She gave me a PB&J sandwich and some grapes, and got out some for herself. We sat in silence as we ate. She burped really loud after eating so much and laughed about it and I smacked her right on the cheek. She just gave me this shocked look, I don't know what came over me. Whatever it was, I felt great hitting her...

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