Stuck in love

Mac Harmon the worldwide known dancer just had a fan day were he will fall in love for you Brooklyn.But you will have problems coming.


2. The harmonator

The next day you received a call *answers the call*

"Hey!" You said "We are in the airport, we will arrive to London in 4 hours see ya there!" Mac said "We too take care!"you said while finishing the call

<<4 hours later>>

"OMG there's Mac surrounded of girls!"You said to your mom "KAREN,KAREN!"your mom started shouting until Mac's mom turn to her,you both walked to her and Mac hugged you "Hi,how are you? My mom and yours booked the rooms really near each other" he said really excited "That's amazing!!"you said "let me help you" he said gently "I'm gonna call a taxi to get early to the hotel,Karen and I have a lot of things to do planned"your mom said


"Let's see us here in 30min to go to London Eye, Tower of London and to some malls"Mac's mom said,then after 30min you and went down to the lobby with your moms "lets take a picture here in the lobby"mac said "why?"you asked "idk i just want to remember this moment"he said and took a selfie hugging you, suddenly you had millions of notifications saying about you from fanpages there was one that on the captation had "idk if they are dating or not but I don't trust on her if she hurt him I will kill her" you answered to that comment saying "you can trust on me we are not dating we are just friends hanging out that's all, if you are living in London and you want to meet us or just him kik me and I would tell you where are we going to be"you commented but she didn't answer "well first why don't we go to the London Eye first?" Your mom said "yes"you said,mac and you were in front of the moms suddenly he put his arm around you and said "it's cold here let me hug you" he said you just smiled at him "oh here it is" Mac's mom said "why don't you go on one and we in other one?" Your mom said, you both agreed. When you and Mac were alone he said "(y/n) I know we just meet some months ago but I think you are amazing, beautiful,funny and so much more and I just wanted to ask you now if you want to be my girlfriend?"he said with shyness "of course"and you jumped to his arms and gave him a kiss on the lips, "(y/n) I love you so much" he said while hugging you "I always loved you and I will always love you"you said while feeling a tear falling by your cheek "why are you crying?" He asked "did I do something wrong?"he continued "no,no you didn't it's just that I never imagined to be here with you" you said and he kissed you again. You both got off from it and went from some coffees to Starbucks.You received a menssage from kik "hey I'm the harmonator you told to kik you" "hey, do you want to come? we are in a Starbucks really near to the London Eye"you answered, then it started snowing and Mac arrived with the coffee "do you want to start a snowball fight?"he said and you threw a ball of snow to him "you tell me"you said and he put the coffee on a table and started throwing snow to you and you to him then you felt down ,he ran to you but he felt next to you and there was a little fight combined with a game, he was over you and he started playing with your cheeks but you threw him and you were over him playing with his hair then mac threw you and he hugged you to kiss you again your lips were really close to his then both touched and suddenly the girl that kiked you was there in front of the Starbucks looking for both.

You stared at her "what are you looking at?" Mac said while sitting on the snow "it's the girl that kiked me a while ago"you said shocked "and is that a problem?" Mac asked "I don't know" you said while standing up and cleaning your jacket. You both walked to the girl,she had black curly hair and green eyes "hey!" You said "hhhhi." she said to Mac "mmm, and what's your name" Mac said "I'm Ann"she said "are you the owner of this account?" You said while showing her your phone "yes" she said "do you want a picture or something?" Mac asked her "yes...please" she said him "ok let me take it" you said, you took around 5 pics and gave her the camera "mmm can I have a picture with you too?"she asked you "of course but if I can take one with my phone too" you said, she agreed and Mac took the pics "bye" she said, Mac and you hugged her and she left.

"Well we need to go to the market for some supplies but go to the hotel,we will go there in half an hour I hope" Mac's mom said, both moms gave you the keys of both rooms.

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