Stuck in love

Mac Harmon the worldwide known dancer just had a fan day were he will fall in love for you Brooklyn.But you will have problems coming.


4. The big notice

His big penis but then you heard your phone ringing it was your mom,you heard shots and the call ended,"what happened..?" then mac heard his phone ringing it was Tissem "Mac turn on the TV in the first notice program you find!"she said "ok let me"he said while turning quickly TV on.He found one "a big band of terrorists are looking for two kids, a girl named (y/n) and a boy named Mac Harmon, these band just got in a Mall in London,UK. I had been informed that they were looking for Karen Harmon and (y/mom's/n) that were mothers of the 2 kids I just mentioned; they just killed his family, wait no, the only one of Mac Harmon's sisters. Kids if you are watching this look for a safe place because they will kill you." The notice program's women said, you started crying a lot "we will die,we need to go"you said "maybe I but you won't bc I won't let them hurt you" he said while hugging you. "Why don't you call your sisters?"you asked "yes but while they answer go for your stuff" he said, you put on your clothes and went to your room, you came back. You were wearing a pair of jeans, black vans and a white shirt with the word ~Dope~ on it. You knocked the door "I'm going"mac yelled ,he opened the door "who answered?" You asked him "any of them..."he said "they are ok"you said"don't worry a lot"you continued "thanks I will try"he said (imagine you are 17 and he is 18) "we need to leave" Mac said to the man in the lobby "ok but here it says that you would stay for a week"the man said "we now but it's an emergency"you answered him "uhmm ok "he said "here are the keys"mac said"thanks,I hope you've a nice day"the man said "here is the change"he continued "bye"mac and you said

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