Stuck in love

Mac Harmon the worldwide known dancer just had a fan day were he will fall in love for you Brooklyn.But you will have problems coming.


6. Bryson the "helper"

So we decided to hang out at night but it was almost 7 pm so we left it for the next day.I slept in Bryson's parents' room but then in the middle of the night I heard a sound, suddenly I saw Bryson in the room, I sat down "hey?" "Hey were you sleeping?" "Well I suppose...what are you doing? It's nearly 4 am!" I don't know what he would need at 4 am "before you came here you cried right?" "Uhm... no why?" I won't tell him the truth because he will tell it to Mac "because your eyes were a little bit red yesterday,you were crying" "yes I was but don't tell it to Mac" "why not?" "Because he will be angry with me" "he won't because he loves you more than anything" "anyways" "well at least tell me why were you crying" "my best friend is here his name is Austin well he was my best friend. He told me to meet him at the park but he got me a bunch of flowers and he told me that he is in love with me and he kissed" "and you were crying because of that?" "No, because I had a crush on him but when he lost me he did that" "uhm... Don't worry I won't say anything to Mac" he hugged me "thank you" I told him and he stood up and walk away.

In the morning Mac and Bryson were in the kitchen making the breakfast."hey"I saw Bryson and he did a gesture and came close to me "I didn't say anything" he whispered "Hey"Mac said as getting closer to the table "come, here is your breakfast" Mac said pulling the chair "thank you Mac" I sat and then after eating my food, my phone rang. It was Alice!


"Brook how are you?"

"Great now"

"Austin called he said he was with you"

"Yeah he was"

"Why do you sound like that I thought"

"Yeah I used to like him but you know things change"

"Don't be sad"

"Thanks but why did you called me"

"Because we are going to have a meet up in Dylan's house and I was wondering if you are going to come back to LA"

"I need to...when's the event?"

"It's on one week"

"What? ONE WEEK"

"Sorry for telling you now"

"mmm I will go and live there, my stepmother is there"

"Do you have a stepmother?"

"Yeah I never told anyone but my dad got divorced 2 times before he got captured"

"Uhm so will you go?"


"Okay see you here"


I went running to mac and grabbed him from the shoulders "Mac Alice told me she is doing a meet up on one week and I need to go why don't you come with me?" Mac and Bryson did eye contact "I don't know I will think about it"

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