Stuck in love

Mac Harmon the worldwide known dancer just had a fan day were he will fall in love for you Brooklyn.But you will have problems coming.


5. Austin is back?

"We need to go to Canada,we are orfans and..."you said "shhh, it's fine let me call Bryson first maybe we can stay in his house" he continued "ok but can I call him?"you asked "mmkay"he said while giving you Bryson's number *calling*

B: it's Bryson

Y: I'm (y/n)

B: hi...(y/n) who gave you my number?

Y: Mac, I'm his girlfriend

B: oh ok

Y: Did you see the notices? Our family is dead the terrorists are looking for us but we are in London

B: ok I will help trough everything, what do you need?

Y: we will try to catch a flight to Canada today and we were wondering if we could stay in your house?

B: of course you can,but...

Y: but?

B: Can I talk to mac for a second?

Y: yes let me

M: hey

B: are you ok?

M: yes, but nervous and with a lot of emotions

B: that was all,call me when you land

M: ok bye


"Let's search for some flights Mac" you said "we check in the airport" Mac said while trying to catch a taxi "Hey sir to the airport?" Mac asked "yes £26.32 it's far from here"the man said "it's ok" mac answered while opening the door.

~In the Airport~

"There are 3 flights to Canada but I don't find any of them for Vancouver as destiny" you said

"Oh there!"he said as pointed the signal "wait here I'll buy a pair of tickets"he said,as soon as he left you saw a good looking American boy and he was getting against you and suddenly you realised that it was Austin a boy who was your Best Friend in LA but you had a secretly crush on him until he moved to London"Are you (y/n)?"he asked "Uhmm yes, and you are Austin right?"you said "yeah,I missed you"he said while giving you a tight hug "thanks me too...where are you going to go?"you said "Vancouver my parents and I are moving"he said while shaking his hair"I'm going there too"you said while Mac was coming "(y/n) let's go"he said while pulling your wrist "wait let me give my number to Austin" you said while writing your number on a small pice of paper "take it bye" you said while giving to Austin a tight hug and leaving "what was that?" Mac said "he is just a friend"you said,didn't talk to you until the plain landed "so what ?are you going to be angry just because I hug him?"you asked him "no sorry"he told while giving you a sweet kiss on the cheek "it's ok"you said while your phone rang

Hey it's (y/n)

Hey do you want to meet us in front of the Montgomery Park at 4 it's okay?

I'm with Mac but why?

I want to talk to you

Let me tell him see you there

Ok so I changed almost everything about the fanfict except the story now I will write POV's and the main character of the fanfict will be named Brooklyn ok that's all.

"Mac, it was Austin and he asked to meet him because he want give me something I left on the airport" I told him but I couldn't tell him about what really was happening because he wouldn't let me go "ok but remember the terrorist are chasing us, I will send you Bryson's address when I get in his home"he said me while giving me goodbye kiss.When I got in the park Austin was waiting for me in the grass in front of some kids,he had a bunch of flowers in his right hand "Brooklyn how are you"he asked me giving me the flowers "fine thanks but why do you give me these ,I'm with Mac do you know?"you told him while giving him the flowers back "I know but you are beautiful and you deserve better things"he told me while touching my face "I love Mac and anyone else why do you tell me this?" I said looking to his bright eyes "because I love you and I loved you since the beginning we met"he said looking straight into your eyes "no you didn't you were with Sophie and then with Maisie but I supported you because I thought I had an opportunity"you said feeling a tear running by your cheek "it didn't meant anything to me and

I'm sorry"he said and then he started getting closer to me until I felt his lips against mine but something interrupt us my phone made a sound Mac sent me the address "why did you kissed me?"I said angrily "I don't know I thought..."he said trying to kiss me again "STOP"I yelled"don't even try to kiss me again.I don't want to hear you explaing." I said while leaving and tearing up. I don't know if I need to tell Mac about this.He won't trust me again.I arrived to Bryson's house. I called him through the door

"Bryson I'm here"

"I'm going"he said "ermm hey,are you ok?because you like if you were crying"he told me "uhm yeah I'm ok it's because I have the flu but don't worry...and it's Mac here?"I asked him while rubbing my face with a little wet wipe I had on my bag"yeah here is come in"he said while letting me get in and closing the door"Mac!" I said while jumping into his arms and he hugged me like if we didn't see each other in years "thanks god you are ok"he said while giving me a kiss on the forehead "wait it's my best friend Alice"you took your phone out and Mac went to the living room

"Hey Brooklyn"

"Hey Alice"

"I didn't want to bother you about your mom and your family"

"No problem why?"

"Just go to a notice channel there are really good news for you"

"Ok thanks"

"Bye I miss you"

"Bye me too"

And the call ended "MAC TURN THE TV ON GO GO" I told him while running fast to the living room ,I sat on the coach an Bryson sat next to me and Mac was standing up behind us "the terrorists were seen for last time in front of the hotel where the kids Mac Harmon and Brooklyn Edwards were staying,1hour ago then the police caught them.Guys if you are seeing these congratulations you are safe now"the notice's man said "OMG" Mac and I said we three hug and we couldn't believed it but the only problem is that Austin kissed me.And I can't handle him,when we were in LA he was the bad boy of the school but we were friends because we had known each other since we were 4 and now we are 17 but I haven't seen him since we were 12.

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