New movella

Mac Harmon the worldwide known break dancer just had a fan day and he will fall in love for you (Brooklyn) but the terrorist are looking for you.


1. The beginning

Mac just said he was going to have a fan day on Belgium again and you asked your mom if she could gave you as your birthday present a pair of tickets to a trip to Belgium she agreed.


You just arrived to the place where he and the crew were going to be, you make the line with your mom, suddenly you see him, a boy with brown hair and beautiful shiny brown eyes. After 30min. it's your turn you took some pics and give him a hug you say "I don't want to stop hugging you" "so don't stop"he answered "but I need to go" you answered "what's your Skype?" He asked "it's (y/Skype)...and yours?" You said "mine is (his Skype)"he answered "so bye mac!" you said,he grabbed your hand and pulled you against him and gave you a nice kiss on the cheek "don't go until i know your name"he said "(y/n)" you whispered and left.

The next day you received a call on Skype you answered it was mac he was on pants with messy hair and his otw crew t-shirt , there was Bryson too and suddenly Bryson shouts "MAC THINKS YOU ARE CUTE!" "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Mac yelled "sorry he just ate a lot of nutella"he continue "don't worry it's ok" you answered

5 months later...

You and Mac were chatting on Skype "I'm going to London why don't you come with me and my mom?" He said "it would be awesome but.. idk why don't your mom call mine so they can plan the trip?" You said "yes what's her number?" he said "it's (y/m/n) " you answered "ok well I need to go I have a rehearsal in 30min talk to you at night" he said "mmm no it's 8pm and when you come it will be like 10pm and tomorrow I need to be early at school" you answered "oh ok I will miss you..." He said and finished the call

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