masked man

Dylan O'Brien and izabel meet at a party and fall in love.


1. masked man

I walked down the halls of Mira costa high school for the last day of my junior year. I started to make my way to my locker when I felt a strong push on my shoulder.  “Hey Izabel! Are you coming tonight?” it was Austin; he was a senior, who was also one of my best friends since I was born and also my neighbor. Our moms met in Jr. High and became best friends ever since. He was more of my brother figure though, including my 7 year old little sister who has cancer. “Coming to what?” “Oh all the seniors are having an end of the year party at Brandon’s house. It’s going to be awesome! Everyone is going to wear those face mask so they can confess anything from the past! You need to come” he begged. I looked in his green eyes. I loved his eyes. I always fantasied about them. I knew he got tired of people telling him how much they loved them. Smh I would know. “Why am I invited to one of the huge senior parties?” I asked “Well considering you’re my best friend I think I can get you in” he shrugged on my shoulder.  “No I just was kidding. You know you’re the most popular girl in the school and by far the prettiest, you would have to be invited!” “Hey! It’s not my fault “I said as I hit him in the chest.  “Well your coming! Oh and bring that girl Love!” he yelled as grabbed my arm and started out the doors and walked towards my car. Love was my other best friend, and Austin loved her. I got in my car and Austin jumped in the passenger side. I stared the car and Love opened the door and sat down “I need a ride” she said as she smiled at Austin who practically drooling in his seat. I shook my head and started down the driveway of the school.

Me and Austin told her about the party and she was in once she heard the word party.  She decided to stay at my house for the night. We pulled into my drive way and got out. Austin walked to his house and told us he’d be over in 1hour. We raced up to my room and started digging for clothes. I settled on a glittery blue strapless dress with a blue face mask only covering my upper face, and love had on a pink and black hi-low dress with a black face mask. She straitened her super curly hair as I curled my super strait hair. We were the complete opposite. She was half Mexican and half white and I was full white strait from California. She had tan eyes, brown hair and beautiful skin, while I had grey eyes and dirty blonde hair with regular skin. We fished our hair and put our make up on. “So who are you going to confess your love to tonight?” she asked me. “No one really, I kind of want to meet someone new.”

We got to the party around 7:45ish and the party was really live. We walked inside and about 5 boys had already hit on me and love. We kept walking though. We went to outside where it was getting dark and people were swimming, making out, and some were even skinny dipping. Love and I stuck around till it totally dark outside. I grabbed some punch and we made our back outside, I looked around and found this guy, he had beautiful eyes and his hair was calling me, but that’s all I could see because his mask . I kept walking and looked over and he was gone. I kept looking till I felt something cold run all over me. I looked over and the guy had ran into me. My punch was all over me but you couldn’t tell. “Oh my gosh I’m so sorry!” he said looking down at me. “It’s okay” I sighed. He looked up at me and got closer, till our lips meet. I had no clue who this guy was, but he was a good kisser. He pulled away and smiled. I couldn’t help but smile, god he was fine! He grabbed my hand and I flowed. I looked back at Love who had her mouth in awe. She smiled and I laughed.  He took me outside and said “hi, my names Dylan.” He kissed me again and I fell under his spell again.

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