Band Rivals

Little Mix vs. One Direction.A race to become the biggest band on the planet.There are rules also.They cannot hangout with any band member from the other team.What if Jade and Harry fall in love with each other?Well if they talk to each other..they will get eliminated from the band.Thank you Ketsia X for the cover!It looks awesome!


2. Prologue (continuing from the first one)

Jade's P.O.V

I bumped into...Harry Styles.

He looked at me..still staring at me,he didn't make a single insult.That's until...I got pulled in back into the dressing room.

-"What are you doing!?" Perrie asked.

-"I just bumped into him that's all." I replied.

I was lost in his green eyes I didn't know what I was doing.I never realized Perrie was talking.

-"Are you even listening to me?" Perrie asked.

I nodded and sighed.


Harry's P.O.V

I was staring at her hazel eyes which were beautiful.What am I saying!?She and her friends are my enemies!Right when she got pulled inside her dressing room I snapped back out of my trance.I say she was beautiful..

-"What are you doing there Harry!" 

I looked behind me and saw Louis.He was confused to why I was standing in front of the girls' dressing room.I heard screaming from the other side of the door and I was going to go to the restroom until I bumped into Jade.

-"I was going to go to the restroom."

-"The restroom is that way."

He pointed behind us and I face-palmed.Am I stupid?


A/N Hey guys the next chapter is going to be chapter one.The prologue is not chapter one!Please do not be confused when you are reading the actual chapter one!

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