Band Rivals

Little Mix vs. One Direction.A race to become the biggest band on the planet.There are rules also.They cannot hangout with any band member from the other team.What if Jade and Harry fall in love with each other?Well if they talk to each other..they will get eliminated from the band.Thank you Ketsia X for the cover!It looks awesome!


3. 1.Let's get it on

Jade's P.O.V

I can't wait to record our song first song Wings!(Pretend it's their first song!) We put so much effort to make the lyrics and the beat.We were on our way to a studio and when we got there,One Direction was recording in our booth.They were singing a song and they saw us.Almost immediately they stopped singing and came out of the booth.They stood tall in front of us and looked at us in a weird way.

-"What are you doing here?" Liam asked.

-"Um..this is our booth.." I said.

-"No this is ours."

-"I think you made a mistake.Thee superior ones go first to record then the newbies." Louis said.

What is up with them?I thought they were nice and caring.

-"But we made a reservation!We have been waiting for 5 hours!" Perrie yelled.

-"We don't care!Get another booth!"

-"There are no available booths!"

We glared at them and we decided to have a competition.The band who wins will be the biggest band on the planet.I looked at the other boys.They looked at us back with disgust and hate.They think their little band will win?Heck no.Little Mix will win.I know it.

-"What if the other band looses?" I asked.

-"They will be separated."

We gasped.We can't afford breaking the band up!We barely fought our way into winning the X-Factor!We can't  loose!We just can't!I love these girls so much!They are my only friends on earth who care about who I am!Well then..Let's get it on.

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