Baby i would (1D and 5SOS)

Leigh-Anne was just a normal 20 year old girl living in the UK. But that was the thing. She's not, after Luke Hemmings flirts with her at her job. Does she fall for him. Or does she fall for another Irish lad who she meets on the 5SOS and 1D tour.

-rated like u would say about +14 but hey YOLO-


8. chapter 6

I turned around and saw Niall, a broke. Hearted Niall.

"Why didn't you tell me..."Luke asked ashamed.

That's when I remembered. Me and Niall. But I'm not sure what to do anymore should I let myself fall for Luke or Niall.

"Listen Luke I didn't remember-"

"You know what Leigh. That's just the biggest load of bull I ever heard." Luke snapped.

I sighed. "I know I screwed up. But I just don't know anymore."

"Let me make it easier on you yeah, GOOD BYE," the Luke ran out of the apartment.

I looked over at Niall who had tears in his eyes.

"And to think. I had feelings for you,"

I sighed. "No no no Niall I think I have feelings for you too I'm just confused that's all,"

He looked at the ground. "Please go get some clothes on and just leave,"

I nodded and walked into Nialls room throwing on my clothes and walking out.

When I arrived at my apartment I cried. This is what I get for going to a stupid party.

I decided what to do.

I was leaving. As in going away. With out the boys knowing of course.

In fact I'll leave tonight. There was no way in hell I was staying here.

I packed most of my stuff and throwing out all the stuff I didn't need.

I threw everything in my car. And drove off.

My phone rang and I answered. My best friend Maddy.

"Hey Maddy," I said.

"Hey what are you doing tomorrow maybe me Louis and you can go out, can I tell you something?"


"Me and Louis are getting married!"

"Oh that's great and I can't do tomorrow. I'm- going on a trip for work,"

"Oh really what trip," she asked.

Damn...."oh I got offered a trip if I out in extra hours you know clean up after the dancer and stuff,"

"Okey well I have to go me and Louis are, busy."


She laughed and hung up.

I pulled into a motel. I was gonna a live here for a while.

I paid from a room and when I got in I went straight to bed.

I had a HUGE wad of cash that I got from stripping. Yeah that's right I was a stripped and a pretty damn good one too.

It has come to where if I don't find a job. It will come to drastic measures.



My name is Juliann.

I will he writing some of the story for you guys. madi will be writing too. We are sort of like co-authors for each other.

Bye stay swaggy.


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