Baby i would (1D and 5SOS)

Leigh-Anne was just a normal 20 year old girl living in the UK. But that was the thing. She's not, after Luke Hemmings flirts with her at her job. Does she fall for him. Or does she fall for another Irish lad who she meets on the 5SOS and 1D tour.

-rated like u would say about +14 but hey YOLO-


3. chapter 3.

The concert was AMAZING! In the end Like came running back and picked me up.

I laughed as he spun me around.

I saw Liam and Louis walk up to me.

"Hey we are having a 1D and 5SOS party wanna come?" Louis asked.

I smiled as nodded. "Sure when and where?"

"Um like at 8 and we can pick you up," Liam said.

"Okey sounds great!"

We exchanged numbers and I made sure to hug Luke before getting into my car.

I got home and ran into my closet.

"Okey so what to wear to a famous boy bands party?" I asked myself.

I pulled out a shirt that said POW!! And a pair of skinny jeans with my wedged heals.

I pulled my hair into a bun and smiled as I slipped on my nerdy glasses.

When I looked at the clock it read 7:47.

Okey now all I have to do is wait for Liam.

There was a knock on the door and I got up and ran to the door.

I opened it but it wasn't Liam nor Louis. But it was Niall.

"Hey Niall!" I said.

He hugged me.

"Ready to go?"

I nodded. "Yeah let's go!"

We got downstairs and there were the 5SOS and 1D boys.

"You ready to go?"


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