Baby i would (1D and 5SOS)

Leigh-Anne was just a normal 20 year old girl living in the UK. But that was the thing. She's not, after Luke Hemmings flirts with her at her job. Does she fall for him. Or does she fall for another Irish lad who she meets on the 5SOS and 1D tour.

-rated like u would say about +14 but hey YOLO-


25. chapter 19

Ok guys I'm updating to where the date left off.

Luke's POV

I kept glancing over to Leigh once in a while.

I noticed that she would bite her lip every once in a while. That means she nervous of thinking of something.

"What's on your mind?" I asked.

She sighed."I love you so much Luke, But..."

I felt like breaking down into a million tears.

"I'm so sorry" I cried.

Leigh looked confused.

"I didn't mean to do it she we just there and-"

"Wait Luke what are you talking about."

"I- um..."

"You've been cheating on me?" She asks bridge of crying. "Luke how could you!" She. yelled.

"Leigh I'm sorry,"

"How long has this been going on?" She asked. "And I want a answer now!"

I sighed looking at the ground. "3 months."

Leigh stormed out of there and I sighed years dripping down my face until I saw something that Leigh left on the table.

Her ring.

Leigh-Anne POV (short)

I stormed over to his house and slammed the door open. What I knew him and it was unlocked.

"Leigh? What's up?" He asked.

I sighed "we have to talk."

We sat down and he held my hand.

"What ever this is it will be ok"

I took a deep breath.

"Listen this baby isn't Luke's, it's yours.


IK IK I'm mean I thought I'll wait until the next chapter to say it.

Who do you think it is.


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