A girl named Kelcy is obssessed with cutting. She gets bullied everyday by the way she looks and her personality. Then she meets Jacob. Will he change her addiction, or will she not listen to him and keep cutting...


8. Hangover

I wake up the next day and find myself in a house that im not familiar from. I turn over and find Jacob next to me. I get up and go outside and start to walk back to my house. My phone starts to vibrate. Jacob was calling me, I just left his house!

" Hello"

" HEy gurll"

" Why do I feel so drunk?"

" You got wasted last night so I brought u back to my housae and I texted ur parents to tell them that u were staying at Jasons."

" Oh, ok ill text u when i get home bye."

" bye."

I walk into the house and I see it. Just sitting out on the counter....

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