A girl named Kelcy is obssessed with cutting. She gets bullied everyday by the way she looks and her personality. Then she meets Jacob. Will he change her addiction, or will she not listen to him and keep cutting...


9. Cure

I find it laying on the counter,calling my name. I walk over to it and just stare at it. I pick it up and go to my wrists and I start to my curing. I feel better as the blood drips down my arm onto the counter. Jason walks in and sees me going for my neck. He takes it out of my hand. I scream.

"Why would u do that!"

" Becuase I cant let u die!"

" I have nothing to live for anyways!"

I try to go for it again but he takes it away and throws it out the window. I run for the knives and he thought a little to fast for me. He runs over to them and blocks me from them. I fall on the ground crying. I punch the floor and my fist starts to bleed so I keep at it till u could see my bone. My mom walks in as I get up. She drops the groceries and runs over to me, grabs my arm and pulls me into the van. Jason follows us and sits in the backseat. We speed down the highway to the hospital. The world goes dark and ust as i pass out I see Jason, but hes crying and u never see that.

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