Ring Around The Rosie, Pockets Full Of Posies, Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down

How many of you have played ring around the rosie? How many of you actually know what it means. The full thing together means death. Each individual line? Look in here to find out. Here's a short story of a vengeful twin sister ghost, who's favorite game is ring around the rosie. And years after she dies, some girls try to contact her to find out her story. See what they find.


2. What It Means

This is what it means.

Ring around the rosie-symbol for Black Plague.

Pockets full of posies-when you die, you stink, so people put posies in your pockets so you won't smell bad when they bury you.

Ashes, ashes-your burning.

We all fall down-everyone dies.

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