Echo -Complete-

Picture after picture I take and you're there. Not really but on the camera screen.
You're in my dreams. Your touch sends me away yet I've never met you.
Kiss me again. Make me feel alive in my reverie.
Who are you?
If I feel this way in my dreams, why would I ever wake up?

***This story is based off the book 'Elixir' by Hillary Duff. I will not/do not copy word for word nor do I steal the whole concept. If you've read that book and you see similarities, this is the reason why.


11. Emaline

"As if you didn't see your face on those men who killed her" she spat.

"I-I" he stammered.

"Don't you think it's a little curious how every women somehow knew you and died because of it?"

"I didn't know" he croaked.

"But in the back of your mind, you do. I can read your facial expression like an open book. You have thoughts, you dream too."

"What?" I chocked out, looking at Mason for some sort of response. He just stared down at his lap and clenched his jaw.

"How many times did you kill her? Which did you like better? Which did you enjoy most?"

"Margot" Zayn warned.

"No! He...he killed my best friend."

"It wasn't him."

"Shut up!" The gruffness in my voice scared even me. I can't even bare this anymore. 

I want to go home with my mom. She'd talk to me and tell me she'd always be there.

"Margot, if you're going to show us what you need then continue on but stop belittling him" I said.

She looked at me and because of the weathered skin on her face I couldn't cipher her expression.

"Alright" she gritted, "but you must know that I will not give you what you want until you see what it does, what it did."

"We know" Zayn hissed. This must all be one horrible constant reminder of his long lived life.

"Can we just...finish this already?"

"I can't" Mason's soft voice whispered. I laid my hand on his shoulder and he looked at me with mournful eyed. "We can get this over with. You can do it."

"Janae" he groaned. "Mason" I warned, "Do it, okay?" I said and offered my hand to him. He sighed and took it. I gave him a reassuring squeeze and turned back to Margot, giving her a single nod to continue. I took her hand with my other and closed my eyes, ready for the next story.

I saw Emaline, it had to be her, smiling at the large crowd of the theatre as they threw roses at her feet. This was her final performance and she was now free to be whatever she wanted. 

I would feel that way too if I had been acting since I was twelve.

She looked to her right in one of the wings and made a small wave at the man standing there.


She made a motion for him to come to her and he did. They've both looked nervous as he walked across the stage to her. "Are you ready?" she whispered. He nodded and got a ring out of his pocket, slipping it on her finger. She smiled when the crowd gasped. I remembered from one of my dreams that he proposed to her but I guess they were announcing it to everyone.

She laid her left hand on his check, her diamond shinning in the stage lights. She leaned up and kissed him, the crowd going crazy.

He pulled away and said, "How was it?" "What?" "Your career, were you happy?" She happily said,talking to him over the chatter of the people. "It was fun while it lasted but now I'm ready to start my life with you" she mumbled.

"Come then, let's go home."

"Wait, you go, I have some things to clean up first." "Then I'll help you." "Don't be silly, it's only a few things." "Sure?" "Of course, go. I'll see you there" she pecked his lips one last time before leaving to the wing. He left to the other and soon went home to do whatever Zayn did back then.

The scene changed to Zayn running down the street, nearly out of breath. There were flashing lights, indicating the police had already arrived. He had ran all the way back to the theatre because her heard there was an accident.

He busted through the doors and went to Emaline's dressing room to make sure she was okay, I guess.  There were medics crowded in her room. He tried to move past them but they held him back.

"That's my fiancé!" he shouted once he saw her on the floor. "No" he gasped.

He went to her and leaned beside her, grasping her now cold hand. "Why" he croaked,

There was a rose pushed through her chest, directly in her heart. "Em?"

"Em please" he cried. "I'm sorry, sir" one medic said, laying a rough hand on his shoulder. His breath trembled as he went around her neck and unclasped her necklace, slipping it into her pocket. He leaned down and kissed her forehead, letting her hand go.

"Did you know she had an admirer?" a medic asked.

"Um, no." His eyes were watered.

She probably had plenty. She was an actress.

"The note on the rose impaled in her said from your biggest fan."

Then it was over.

Margot looked dead into Mason's eyes, "You."




A/N: I know it's short but this is a serious question?

Are you guys even reading this. The reason I havent been updating is because I have like no motivation. If you guys would comment more often I would be happy about writing it, ya know?

Anyway, comments make me update faster! The story is nearly finished anyway. Told you it's be short!


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