Echo -Complete-

Picture after picture I take and you're there. Not really but on the camera screen.
You're in my dreams. Your touch sends me away yet I've never met you.
Kiss me again. Make me feel alive in my reverie.
Who are you?
If I feel this way in my dreams, why would I ever wake up?

***This story is based off the book 'Elixir' by Hillary Duff. I will not/do not copy word for word nor do I steal the whole concept. If you've read that book and you see similarities, this is the reason why.


4. Elixir

I ran and ran, practically ignoring the screaming of my name from Mason who was trying to catch up with me.

I saw him!

I actually saw him!

The dream boy. Mr. Fantasy.

As my breath shortened I noticed that I never got his name. Not even from my dreams.

I completely collapsed on the ground with back against a tree. I couldn’t hear Mason anymore, nor could I see they guy from the pictures.

I leaned my head back on the tree, closed my eyes, and took some deep steadying breaths. Running is not on my repertoire.

I don’t know how long I was like this but it was a while until I fully caught my breath and now I was just tired.

I heard a snap of a twig but didn’t pay any mind to it, thinking it might be another monkey I took a picture of earlier.

“Are you alright?”

That voice.

That deep and alluring voice.

It’s even the same accent.

I snapped my eyes open and looked up to see the guy of my dreams. Literally.

He bent down and gazed at me with a concerned expression, but his amusement couldn’t be hidden.

He held out his hand to help me up.

“I-I’m fine” I said and stood up to my aching feet.

“Nice necklace” he murmured. I absentmindedly touched it. I gave him a confused look.

The way he looked at me was as if he knew I already knew him. He didn’t act on his imagined accusation.

“Why were you chasing after me?” His voice was low and cautious. What do I tell him? You’re the guys I’ve dreamed about over the past weeks? No.

“Why were you running?” I countered. Ha!

Shock and appreciation were settled in his warm eyes. He smirked at me as if my snappy remarks were all familiar to him.

He extended his hand once again. I looked at him, confused. I wasn’t on the ground.

He lightly chuckled and shook his head, and then stuffed his hands in his pockets of his dark jeans.

“I’m Zayn.”


The name is so foreign to me but fit him perfectly.


“I-I’m Janae” I muttered breathlessly. His whole demeanor knocking the air out of my lungs.

A light smile crept across his lips in utter sincerity.

“Hey!” We both snapped our heads to the voice. In the distance I saw Mason jogging towards us.

“Jeez Jay, you have some speed for those short legs of yours.”

I wanted to slap him right there. Gosh he’s so embarrassing…and in front of Zayn!

Oh gosh, it’s weird referring to him as his real name.

As if he just took notice of him standing in front of me. “Who’s he?” Mason asked.

 I swatted his arm. Zayn chuckled and held out his hand, “Zayn” he said. Mason took it and firmly shook it, “Mason.” Zayn raised his brow but said nothing else.

A few days ago Mason got a hold of a few of my pictures. He saw him too so that’s why I was confused to how he didn’t notice him.

As if it just triggered in his mind he took another glance at Zayn and his eyes widened.  I discreetly pinched his arm. He looked at me with bulging eyes. I lightly shook my head. He seemed to get the message as he slightly relaxed but still seemed a bit tense.

“We should really get going” Mason nervously stated. “We’re not going” I spoke. “Listen, Jay. Don’t you see how messed up this is?” he said in a hushed tone.

He was right. Though I hated to admit it.

“Your boyfriend is very protective of you” Zayn frowned. Boyfriend?

“I guess I should go…” Zayn said.


“It’s was great meeting you Janae. Live a long happy life” he softly spoke as he skimmed his fingers over my cheek. I wanted more but before I could lean into his soft touch, he was gone.

“No!” I exclaimed. I watched him run further into the woods.

It was him.

It took a while to register what I had just experienced.

“Was that…”


And then it happened…so quick. There were people surrounding us, murmuring amongst them. They looked dirty and from another place, time period.

I clutched to Mason.

They smiled wickedly. I was scared.

Seconds passed and I was on the ground with an aching foot. Masons voice muted as he shouted for me to get up. My ankle throbbed.

All too soon I was hoisted over a shoulder. Oh my gosh were they kidnapping me!

I was practically upside down and tilting my head up everything was shaky as the person holding me ran.

“Come on!”


He came back for me…us.

I saw that Mason was running closely behind Zayn and I.

“My camera!” I exclaimed. My baby!

Mason held up the camera bag. Yes, I could kiss him!

We lost the guys and started to slow down.

“In here” Zayn whispered. He set me down and directed Mason and I into an opening.

How much more strange can this day get?

A hole?

In the woods?

I shook the thought out of my head and got on all fours, being mindful of my hurt ankle. I crawled in with Mason shortly behind me. It was dark and scary-like. Soon the crawl way opened up to a large cave. There were streams of light coming from all places and it was quite spacious.

“I thought he’d trap us in here” Mason muttered as he helped me to my feet. Zayn soon joined us.

“Who were they?” Mason immediately asked. Zayn shook his head, “Don’t worry about it.” “Don’t worry about it? They just attacked us. They’re after us.”

“No, they’re not after you…they’re after me.”

“Why?” I perked up.

“I can’t tell you that…”

“I can make you tell us” Mason ‘threatened'.

Zayn raised an eyebrow, “That’s funny” he turned to me, “your boyfriend is funny.”

“Seriously, how come they’re after you?”

“That’s not the problem. The problem is that they saw me helping you and now they think you’re with me. Now you’re gonna NEED me by your side if you wanna survive.”

Mason groaned.

“Okay that is a problem but why are they after you.”

He hesitated.

“Something called the Elixir of Life.”

Mason beamed, “What do you know about the Elixir of Life?”

Oh here we go again. Mason has gone nonstop about these vials of the elixir. Ever since I met him really. He believed in it but…

“I know it’s ridiculous” I piped in.

They both stared at me.

“It’s just some magic drink that makes you live forever” I said.

“In large doses, yes” Mason countered, “but smaller doses can cure any disease. It has incredible healing powers.”

“Are you listening to yourself?”

“They’re in vials and-“

“Empty vials” I clarified.

“Empty” Zayn chimed, “the elixir has been moved, but I know where it is.”

“You know?” Mason asked.

“I do.”

“What? Where?"

“I’m not sure exactly where it is but we have to go to the ‘dark lady’ to find out.”

“Dark Lady?” I asked.

“Yes…so I suggest we take a trip. We find her and she’ll help us get to it.

I didn’t entirely trust Zayn but for some reason I felt the need to tag along on this trip. I knew the only reason Mason wanted to was because he wanted to find the elixir which I knew would be a bust.

“We have to go back home” I said. They both looked at me. “What? We can’t just set off on some mission without…you know…things!”

Mason rolled his eyes, “Is it your lady time?” I furiously blushed as I smacked the back of his head.

“No you idiot! I’m just trying to think wisely here.”

“She’s right” Zayn said, amusement in his eyes. “We have to fly completely under the radar though.”

I nodded.

How the hell does he know we have to fly?

He smirked at me as if reading my mind. Strange.

“Okay so we’ll set off tomorrow. The CV should be gone by then.”

CV must be the people that attacked us.

We soon got as comfortable as possible on the cave floor as the lights darkened from the setting sun.

“Need a pillow” Mason said, offering his hoodie, “It’s not in my job description but I’m willing to offer.”

“I’m fine…thanks.” He sighed, “Goodnight Jay.”

Sleeping on this hard grown was exceptionally comfortable, going off of how tired I was.

As I drifted I wondered what my dreams would hold…


A/N: Okay so we officially know that it's Zayn. If I get at least 3 comments in the next couple of days I will update on Friday. If not'll have to wait longer. Just saying! I like a little feedback every now and then.

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