Layla Edwards has always been a good girl. She never gets into trouble, never drinks, and never stays out late.But when her step-sister, Spencer, convinces her to go with her to a party, her life turns upside down. She becomes a game to a group of guys; the way to win? Steal her first kiss. Layla is stubborn though, and wants her first kiss to be with the one she'll spend the rest of her life with, her fiance. So, what happens when she finds out she was played?


1. Chapter 1

"Spencer, no! I refuse to go to one of those stupid parties!" I argued with my stepsister, Spencer. She's always trying to drag me to one of her stupid parties she's at every weekend, but I won't go. I've seen her when she comes home; covered in hickeys ad completely wasted! She should be ashamed. "Please, Layla? Just one night? You don't even have to drink. Hell, I won't drink!" "Why do you even want me to go? You know I'll be a bore." She smiled,"You will not. I just want you to live a little! Have some fun! You're a senior for gods sake and you've never been to a single high school party!" "I still don't want to go." I replied stubbornly. "What if Niall came?" Niall was my best friend, I'd be more safe with him there. "Fine. Just this once though." Spencer immediately shrieked,"Yes! Thank you so much! You'll have a to of fun, I swear!" I sighed, "I sure hope so." 

      After practically begging Niall to come, Spencer dragged me to her room in hopes of picking out a dress for me. "How 'bout this one?" She asked, holding up a skimpy looking black dress, that  was tight with the top cut low. It would barely make it past my butt. "God, no. I don't want to look like a slut!" Spencer scowled,"I wore this last week." Shit. "I, uh, well, I'm taller than you! It'll be shorter on me!" I rambled. She rolled her eyes,"Whatever, just put it on." Looks like it wasn't my choice anyways.  

       About two hours later, Spencer had finished both of our hair and makeup. We stood looking at ourselves in the full body mirror, and I couldn't help but feel self-conscious. I looked great; my long curly brown hair was pulled into an elegant bun, with a small amount down to frame the side of my face. My eyes stood out, so you could see the brown that had small bits of green in them easily because of the way Spencer outlined them with her dark eyeliner. The rest of my makeup was pretty natural, with light, shiny lip gloss, and slight blush. I felt beautiful, but when it came to my dress, I was a bit uncomfortable. It showed off a little too much cleavage and was extremely short. I wasn't a saint, but I had my limits. Spencer refused to let me change, and said I looked gorgeous anyways. She looked great too, going with a tight-top/ flowy- bottom  dress that was strapless and barely made it to her thighs. The dress was a blackish-brown color, and looked amazing on her. Her long blonde hair was left down in waves; simple, but beautiful. Lastly, was her makeup. It was all natural. She didn't even have much eyeliner around her perfect blue eyes. She looked sexy, yet even with my dress, I looked like a little girl playing dress up. "You know you look really great, right?" Spencer smiled at. "Thanks, you look better though." She laughed," Whatever, Edwards. Let's head out" I texted Niall saying we were on our way, and that he should be ready. 10 minutes later, we pull up to his house. I ring his doorbell, and he opens the door. "Hey, Lay! You look great." I blush,"Thanks, Ni. You look pretty good yourself." I wink and we bot start laughing. As soon as we get into the car, Spencer blasts her music and speeds off.  

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