Layla Edwards has always been a good girl. She never gets into trouble, never drinks, and never stays out late.But when her step-sister, Spencer, convinces her to go with her to a party, her life turns upside down. She becomes a game to a group of guys; the way to win? Steal her first kiss. Layla is stubborn though, and wants her first kiss to be with the one she'll spend the rest of her life with, her fiance. So, what happens when she finds out she was played?


2. a/n

hey! so my friends dropped my phone in the road and it's completed cracked everywhere. it's really hard to type and see the words. I had to put a life proof case on it so I don't cut my thumb. it sucks butt. I have to wait until I get a new phone to really update and stuff or get this one fixed. my dad's refusing to get me a new phone or pay to have it fixed, and I have no money. so lord knows how long it'll take to get a new one. anyways, ily all. ~a

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