The Teaser

As Zayn and I have been together for a year, I torture him with my lust looks. I give him all the teasing he wants. When will he make me weak to my knees?


1. Red Carpet Luster

 Zayn looks at me sickly but sweet as we go on the red carpet. I don't meet his mysterious glare. My brown hair is in a milkmaid braid and my rose gold dress adorned with flowers, flow over my thigh gap. My red lips are soft looking with a touch of gloss. The black eyeshadow complemented my shaped brows. The ruffles on my dress made me look shy. I grab Zayns ass secretly and he looks at with those brown eyes. My dark turquoise eyes crinkle as I smile at him.  He smiles back. He lightly pushed me on his hip as my left breast had contact with his chest. He slightly grazes on it. I do it harshly. He looks at me as he was having a boner. Haha! It's really humiliating to have one! "Hey! Give my your cellphone!" Eleanor said. Louis kissed my sister on her cheek. Yes, I'm her sister that was switched in a hospital but, we share a bond. Louis thinks its his cellphone. "Wow! It's a BIG cellphone!" I say as I slightly grab it. Louis grabs his boner. "Oh bro I'm sorry! I didn't know you just had one of um... Those lad!" Louis said as he giggled. I winked at him after he did to me. Today's red carpet will be fun. Zayn is the one who was humiliated in front of celebrities and fans for his boner! The teasing shall start!

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