my best friend and I are living the fantasy


1. Imagine

You are walking home from school one day. You had just gotten out of soccer practice and u had twisted your ankle and u were limping pretty bad. All of a sudden a ford stops right next to u.       "Hey savannah do u need a lift home?"

"Sure i kinda can barely walk!"

He drives u home and u think to yourself, i need to get hurt more often! When u go to school the next day u and Dalton talk all morning till the first hour bell rings. At the end of the day he drives u back to ur house and he slips his number into ur pocket. U look at it when u get into ur room. It says: text me if u ever need me. U decided to text him. You guys talk all night long and are exhausted when u have to get ready for school. U guys hang out again and he sits by you at lunch time. He asks u a question later that night that u had only seen in ur dreams before. It said: Savannah will u go out with me? I have had alot of fun these last few days with u. will u?

Your response is: Yes i will go out with u!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 years later ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

" Salton come on we have to go to school. R u ready?"

" Yes mommy!"

You go and give Dalton a kiss goodbye.

" Eww daddy dont u know that girls have cooties?"

Dalton leans in for another but u stop him.

" Dont u know babe, boys have cooties."


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