Warmness On The Soul

"We were seen as complete opposites; I was the good girl and he was the bad guy. But there was something beyond music that linked us together. I like to call that something love."


1. Prologue

Dawn Sweet

I woke up to the view of my handsome husband, standing in front of our bed. He was holding some flowers in his hands and had a big smile plastered on his face. "Happy birthday baby," he said. Today was my 50th birthday; yes I'm kind of old. I crawled out of the bed and hugged him tightly. "Thank you love, but you didn't have to," I whispered into his right ear. We went downstairs, had some breakfast, which he cooked, and then he left to work. It was Saturday, so I could stay home if I wanted to. I went back to my bedroom, made myself comfortable on my bed and turned the TV on. Some cooking show was on; I decided to just watch it as there was nothing better. I saw the figure of my 16-year-old daughter standing on the door frame. Before I knew it she was already on top of me. "Happy birthday mommy," she squeaked. Allegra was a beautiful girl. Green eyes and curly, brown hair, just like her father. Farrah, my 20-year-old daughter, looked more like me, straight, brown hair and big brown eyes.

"Since it's your birthday, I'll stay all day with you. We can have a girl's day, or even better, story time!" she exclaimed, excitement noticeable in her tone. "Yeah, of course baby girl, we can have a story time, eat some home-made desserts and paint our nails," it sounded like a good idea, having a day off with my daughter. It has been long since we had our last mother-and-daughter day. "Okay mommy, give me ten minutes, I'll take a shower!" and with that, her body ran away to her room, followed by her long curls. I got up and took a shower. By the time I got out of the bathroom, Allegra was sitting on my bed, watching TV. "Oh, hey mom," she said, her green eyes still glued to the TV. "Let me put some clothes on, then we can go downstairs and do whatever you want," she nodded, still entranced on the TV. I put on one of my husband's shirts, some shorts, and a pair of flip-flops and left the walk in closet. 

"Okay, ready baby!" Allegra turned the TV off and together, we walked down the stairs. We entered the kitchen, and sat around the counter. "What do you have in mind?" I asked her. She started thinking about all the things we could do on this day. "Well, let's cook something, then we'll have a story time, there's one particular thing that I want you to relate to me!" she said, somewhat excited. "Uh okay, mm, what to cook?" I stood up, went upstairs to my room, and grabbed my laptop. I went back down the stairs and started searching for recipes with Allegra. "We can bake chocolate chip cookies," I suggested. "Yeah, sure mom." We started preparing the mixture, and a few minutes later, we put the tray inside the oven.

Forty minutes later, the cookies were ready. We took the tray out of the oven and placed the cookies on a bowl. When they cooled off, Allegra bit one. "Mmm these are delicious," she stated, taking another bite. I held the bowl on my hands and walked to the living room, followed by my daughter. I sprawled my body on the big sofa, while Allegra comfortably sat on the love seat. We chatted and ate cookies for a few minutes. She told me how excited she was because the summer break was coming soon, how she still hasn't found a guy that she likes, how she has been searching through my vinyls and now she's so obsessed with some of the bands, how she's been so happy lately.

"Mother, there's something I've always wanted to ask you.." I nodded, while munching on a cookie. "Well mum, I'm really curious and I don't know why I've never asked this before, but how did you and daddy meet? And how did you even got so far? I mean, marriage, two kids." My eyes widened in shock by her sudden question; then a smile crept over my lips, remembering the past events. "Oh Allegra, I remember it as if it were yesterday, if I could live it all again, I would," I said, and it was true. I remembered every single detail about the lovely past events. "Well, then tell me, we have all day mom and I'm really curious," she said, insistently. I looked at my daughter and smiled. Farrah never asked me about the way her father and I met, nor anything about our relationship, but Allegra, being younger, did. "Okay, but you have to promise me you'll listen to everything I have to say," I said and she nodded. "Yes mom, I promise! Now go on, tell me everything, EVERYTHING, I've been waiting for this moment since forever, I've been really curious about this topic for years, I never asked because I was young, but now I'm almost 17!" I giggled at her eagerness, and gave her a slight nod. 

"It happened many years ago, when I was around your age."

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