romantic love

ive had the same boyfriend over 15years now i am 25 years old and me and my boyfriend are about to break up what shall i do


1. i love you

hello,my name is louise i have had the same boyfriend for 15 years now i am 25 years old, the trouble is my boyfriend doesn't see me as much as he used to i am scared i am losing him but when i do see him we dont talk i think its time to break up but we've been together for so long i dont want to end it already we have so much to do before we do anything stupid :'( i hope we dont break up but if we do it will be a good thing because we need a break anyway but i literally love my boyfriend i would hate to imagine us not being together I think about this every night and 24/7 because I'm so scared that I'm going to lose him his name is Troy but he ignores me when I ask him something I need someone to help me :(.

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