The Big Apple

Saige Davies is finally moving to London to get one step closer to her child dream of becoming a singer. As she is extremely close to her mother she also has planned a long time to visit her moms old work, The Big Apple, which doesn't go exactly as planned.


2. 2. Elisabeth Davies

There had been some stressful days since Saige got her grades last friday. We had probably been to every stores in Brighton several times the last cuple of days, as well as we had been packing and storing everything she owned. Her room was empty now, the only thing in her room was some furnitures like her bed and nightstand. Looking over the room made me sad. My first child is moving out, and with that a piece of my heart is also leaving. And I'll probably feel empty, even though she is coming back home in a month, on chloe's birthday. She is turning 11 years the 13th of september.

Suddenly I could hear music. Classic music. I slowly walked down the stairs but stopped when I saw her sitting there. She sat in the gastly pink chair my mom gave me when we moved here. That was the chair we always sat in when we read stories to her when she was a little girl, her favorite was Benjamin the rabbit. I sat down at one of the steps and looked at her while listen too the music she had turned on. Clair de lune. Everything was so idyllic now. The sun perked through the window, there was classic music and Saige reading a book. She looked so consentrated. Actually it looked like she is in the book. She has disepeard from the reality.

When my father died we sat in that chair for a long time. Saige and I lived at my parents a long time before moving here, so my father and mother ment a lot to her, and so did that chair.

"Mom? Are you alright?" I snapped back to reality and realising that I had been crying. She looked at me with a worried face and put her hand on my left cheek and wiping away my tears. I smiled to her before embracing her.

"Everything is okay, Honey. I'll just miss you so very much" I said before hugging her even tighter. And she huged back.

"I'm going to miss you as well, mom." She said.

Then we stood there for a while, before we got interrupted by Chloe and Poppy storming in from the door. Poppy is in her last year at high school, and Chloe was in Elementery school. But they were both such grown up girls, I were very proud of them all.

They both stopped and looked at us with confused look. We looked at them the same way befor we understood that we both stood there with tears in our eyes and listened to Enaudi:Nuvole Bianche, one of the classics. Everybody stared at eachother, and it took some minutes before everyone began laughing, not actually sure why.

Watching them laugh, that was so good watching them. It made my heart so warm. Looking over at Saige made me pause everything. She looks so much like her father, but at the same time she was just like me. Chloe and Poppy on the other hand, they look more like their dad than me. Seeing so much of their father gave me flashbacks to when I was pregnant. My life was not easy that year. Everyone left me standing alone. I was 18 years old, with no friends or family. I've learned so much, but when I look back I see that I would gladly live without that year. But then Saige came and there was nothing negative in my life. Mom and dad had forgiven me and Ralph was by my side.

Since there was only three days left before Saige was moving I used a lot of time to make every minute memorable. I made better dinners, we listened to old music, sitting next to the fireplace and reading books. Probably theres many people thinking that it sounds boring and that they rather would do something else. But we loved spending time together at home, there was nothing better than home with the family.

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