The Big Apple

Saige Davies is finally moving to London to get one step closer to her child dream of becoming a singer. As she is extremely close to her mother she also has planned a long time to visit her moms old work, The Big Apple, which doesn't go exactly as planned.


1. 1. Elisabeth Davies

Driving down the road next to the beautiful sparkling sea wasn't like it used to be. While I were consentrating on the road, her glance was directed at the sea. Her head was probably filled with thoughts and nerves. I could tell she wasn't herself today. Even when her favorite music was played on the radio, there was no expression in her face. It was very unusual not hearing her humming to the song on the radio, but it was understandable. This was her last day in her life as she knew it. Everything will be different by tomorrow.

The sign to Brighton Hove and sussex sixthform Collage was next up. I slowly released the gas pedal and stepped on the clutch to change to second gear, and slowly turning in to the collage. I could tell in my side view that she suddenly got really tense. I parked two-three meters away from the door and turning around watching her. She watched me before getting out of the car and walking towards the door, and before I knew it she had disappeard into the school. I turned up the volume, suddenly getting chills when the radio played old classics from Rolling Stones. My flashback hit me like a lightning, but before I got too think a single thought the car door opened, and she jumped in the car with the biggest and brightes smile I had seen on her for a very long time. She gave me the envelope. Not even thinking twice I pulled out the paper and reading fast trough everything before I noticed the last grade on the paper. One big fat A. I couldn't stop smiling. I put the envelope away and grabed her into a warm and tight hug.

"Gongratulations, Honey! I'm so proud of you." I said, before releasing the hug and watching eachother while we still had a smile on our faces.

I couldn't believe this day was finally here. Saige was a grown young woman now and since her graduation grade was an A, she would soon move into London and go to university. Even though I was so proud of her, I really didn't want her to move. But that's what every mother thinks, isn it?

To celebrate her grade and that she finally was finished with college, we went out to eat. I had invited her nearest friends, Adriana, Graham and Brooke. Since it was a special occation we had reserved a table at The Gingerman, a very expensive restaurant that we never ate at in regular. We weren't that rich to be eating there alot. But the food was great, actually it was spectacular. We went home with a smile on our face, knowing that this had been the best day for the family for a long time.

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