The Immortal One.

Scarlettes life has change drastically the past year and has been sent to a reform school where she meets 'him'. This is a Punk Harry Styles fan fic. Please read. Updates will be every couple of days. Please share the story around too!! Thanks!
Much love.


11. The Imortal One. 10 *EDITED*

Chapter 11; *ENDING HAS BEEN EDITED!! PLEASE READ AGAIN. THIS ISN'T THE SAME CHAPTER DELETED AND ADDED AGAIN!!* *Harry's POV* It felt great to finally release my wings again. The pain of having them cooped up inside is almost unbearable. The way her face lit up when they unraveled was incredible. Her blue eyes sparkled, almost as if she could cry. For a slight second she did look petrified, but that suddenly changed when she realized it was still me! Her eyes were wide and full of awe. Her body trembled momentarily, making me think she was going to run back down the hill and tell the first person she found but instead she slowly walked over to me, wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me softly. We pulled away and she took in her surroundings. "I can't believe that you're an angel." She smiled , looking deeply into my eyes. "Technically, yes I am an angel but I'm not the sort you think I am." I start to explain. Her eyes widen once again, but not for the same reason. She takes a step back from me and starts to look afraid again. "What... Dddo you mean yyou're not what i...ii think you are?" She stutters. "No no no.. It's not like that. I'm not an evil angel or a demon as we say." I slightly laugh. Her face relaxes and her eyes soften. I take a step towards her and wrap my arms around her waist and she does the same to my neck. I take a deep breath and continue to explain. "I'm a fallen angel. There are many of us around the world, some even on campus. A fallen angel is an angel who was originally from heaven, but failed to chose a side at the 'Role Call' when Lucifer turn on God and the other arch angels. We were all doomed to earth for eternity for not chosing on that specific day and have never been allowed back to heaven or hell for some since the beginning of time. Since we had no real purpose on earth we decided to make a purpose. To protect humans. I chose to protect you, but I never expected to fall in love with you." She has kept her eyes on me since the minute I opened my mouth. Her eyes intent and her breathing is steady, arms still wrapped around my neck. She smiles as she brings her lips to mine. It's soft and loving at first but soon get heated and desperate. Her hands fumble from my neck to my hair, slowly tugging at the ends of it. I pull her closer into me leaving no space between us. A few minutes pass when we pull away. Once again she resorts to resting her forehead on mine. " I still don't get why we can't be together." She say quietly, slightly panting still. "It just won't work. We are so different and I can bare to go through the pain again." Oh shit. Shouldn't have said that. "Go through the pain again? What?" Her eyes start to glimmer with water. Tears. I hug her tightly and she does the same, nessiling her head in my neck. "It's nothing you need to worry about now. We'll figure something out." She nods and I lightly kiss the top of her head. I have to think of something... It's her last year and if the odds aren't in my favour... It'll crush me for good! Okay so I changed the ending of chapter 11. It'll make more sence with the ending this way!! Sorry if I've confused anyone... Sorry for the hunger games quote. I had I and it fit perfectly for the situation. Hahaha so what do you think is happening? Why is it Scarlette's last year? And what does it mean? I'm gonna be a bit evil and say that next chapter will be updated if I get 5 likes and 3 comments!! Hehehe. I'll leave you on a cliffhanger! Much love... xxxxx
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