The Immortal One.

Scarlettes life has change drastically the past year and has been sent to a reform school where she meets 'him'. This is a Punk Harry Styles fan fic. Please read. Updates will be every couple of days. Please share the story around too!! Thanks!
Much love.


6. The Immortal One. 6

Chapter 6; *Scar's POV* What haveI done!! I just kissed Harry! I don't even know him for crying out loud! It just seemed like the perfect opportunity to but now I starting to regret it. It was great but now he probably thinks I really am crazy and deserve to be at a reform school. I could never face him again. Things would be so awkward. This is the exact thing I never wanted to happen. To start to fall for someone I don't know! Now I just hope that he doesn't hate me for it. I had kept running from the building and I didn't look back. I heard him call my name several times but I ignored it. I blocked everything out of my mind. I made it back to my dorm. Luckily Diana wasn't back yet. She had gone back to Danielle's room with Elenaor and Perrie. She would be gone for a while and I didn't have anymore classes today. I later faced down on my bed with my head in my pillow. I wanted to cry but I couldn't. It was stupid though. Yes I was embarrassed but that was no real reason to cry. I had finally stopped all of my crying for Tom only a short time ago and hadn't cried since and if I started now, crying about this 'one thing' would lead to another and I would end up crying about Tom. It wasn't fair. I was deep in though when there was a knock at the door. I hezitated, but then gave in and opened it. There was no one there. Surely no one can be that impatient, to leave within only a few seconds. I was about to shut the door when I saw something on the ground. A letter. It was addressed to me. I picked it up and quickly shut the door, staring at the crisp white envelope. I didn't want to open it. I knew it was from Harry. It was his handwriting. I decided to leave it and not open it. I put it on my bed side table and thought about what it could be about. What it could say? I pondered for a bit and eventually drifted off to sleep. The only thing I could think about was the event that had just happened. I couldn't think of anything else. •-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-•-• I was awoken but a loud thud of the door and hysterical laughing. I sat up in a rush to see Diana stumble in. She was drunk. It was easy to pick up. Danielle had obviously walked her back to the dorm after a few drinks that didnt go down to well with Diana by the looks of things. The door was slammed shut and the laughter got louder. She was in tears, on the ground laughing so hard that she almost couldn't breathe. I went over to her and helped her up. "What's so funny?" I asked curiously. "Nothing." She laughed. The laughter stopped suddenly. She had gone pale. I knew what was coming next. I walked her over to the toilet where I imagined she would stay for a few minutes, her head hanging over the toilet bowl bringing up all of the alcohol she couldn't keep down. I got her a glass of water and left her for a minute or two. When she was all good, I helped her over to her bed. In an instant she was asleep. She wasn't well at all, so I thought I'd give her some space. I had my hand on the door handle when I realized that I should probably read Harry's letter. I walked quietly back to my bed side table and picked up the small package. I slowly shut the door and walked down the hall towards the lounge room that was shared between the few dorms in this part of the building. There was only a couple people in the room. None I had ever seen before. Over in the corner was a small love seat that I made my way over to. I took a deep breath and ripped the top of the envelope off. I unfolded the paper inside and read: Scarlette, Meet me at the river behind the building our English room is in at 9. Please come. We need to talk. Harry. The letter was brief and not what I expected. I didn't take him as the letter writing person, but I did think the he'd give a hint as to why I had to meet him there although i had a pretty good idea as to why myself. I looked at a my watch and saw that it was 8:55. I had 5 minutes until we met again. Those last few words kept replaying in my head. Over and 'over again'. "We need to talk" Sorry it took me a while to write this chapter. I have exam week at shool and I've been studying all weekend. Hope this is a good chapter. Please keep reading, commenting ect. If you want to do a s4s then just comment!! :) Much love, xxxxx
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