The Immortal One.

Scarlettes life has change drastically the past year and has been sent to a reform school where she meets 'him'. This is a Punk Harry Styles fan fic. Please read. Updates will be every couple of days. Please share the story around too!! Thanks!
Much love.


5. The Immortal One. 5

Chapter 5. -the long chapter- *Scar's POV* Ms Daniels annonced that we had an assignment. We had to research a famous historic play in pairs, present it as a PowerPoint presentation then perform a famous scene from the chosen play. "There is one more thing though class. Before you all start chosing your partners and plays, they've already been chosen for you. Loud moans and groans sounded from around the room. Diana rolled her eyes and shook her head. I gave her a sympathetic look. She smile at me then returned her attention back to Ms Daniels who had started to read out the partners and plays. A minute or so and she was done all but one pair. Me... And him. I didn't know how to feel. Was I happy that I finally get to know the real him, or was I scared that he might lash out at me. People were staring... I felt a bit embarrassed but I didn't take as much notice as I thought I would. One pair looked away one at a time when finally no one was looking. "Harry huh. I'm Scarlette. Well you can call me Scar. That's what most people call me." I extended my arm for him to shake but he completely ignored it and me. "Not much of a talker aye. Me neither. So, Romeo and Juliet hey.. Ever read the books? Or seen the movies?" He turn his attention to me and stared. He looked annoyed. Angry even. I felt scared at that point in time. And thankfully the bell rang. Harry dragged his books off the desk and pushed past me as quick as he could. What was his problem? Maybe Diana was right. Maybe he was the stay away from type? *Harry's POV* What was my problem? She actually spoke to me and I just completely ignored her and made her feel like an idiot. The best option was to get out of the room quickly so she wouldn't try to talk to me again. I'm just nervous... I've never really spoken to a girl before. I've always been isolated from people. The outcast kid. I flopped onto my bed. Facing the ceiling. "Rough first class mate?" Niall calmly asked playing a few chords on his guitar. "She spoke to me. And I ignored her." I said in shock "Who spoke to you? That new lass? What's her name? Aahhhh" "Scarlette." I cut him off. "That's it." He said through his thick Irish accent. I rolled over and faced the wall as Niall continued playing. The soft sound relaxed me. I only had a few minutes left until the bell for the next class rang, so I enjoyed the time I had before I had to face Scarlette again. I still felt bad for before, but I would soon make it up in the next class by actually talking to her. I was almost certain that she would be next to be in nearly every class. The set seating rule applied in all classes and in all of my classes I was the only one with a spare seat next to them. Soon to be occupied by Scarlette... *Scar's POV* Science. My worst subject. I hated it. Well it was my best subject and my favourite until.... Uhhh... Anyway, I knew that Harry would be their too. Another reason to now hate it. He was so rude. And frightening. I had time to duck back to my dorm and make myself look more presentable. The bell rang and off I went. Diana had left me, but I'd told her too. I'd find my way around soon enough. I turned left at the end of the corridor and took another left at the end of that corridor. That took me to the outside courtyard. I looked around to see if I could find the building containing rooms 4-20 which in the midst of that contained the science labs which I was meant to be in right now. I felt lost. Actually, I knew I was lost. I didn't have a phone, so I couldn't call anyone. And I couldn't go to the front office because I didn't know where that was either. I was stuck in the middle of the school grounds lost and a little fustraited that I hadn't asked Diana for directions. I didn't know what to do, so I just sat on the ground and flicked through the science text book that I was supposed to be learning out of at this minute. The sun was hot and bright. Suddenly, a dark shadow came over me. It was a person. I stood up in a hurry expecting it to be a teacher or Evelyn, telling me off for not being in class. But it wasn't. It was him. Harry. I took a few steps back, not knowing what he was going to do. " I.. I." I stuttered. "You lost?" He asked sweetly "Yeah." I smiled. Surprise and how calm and sensitive he sounded. He moved his head to the left and spun around. He had signaled for me to follow him. I hesitated for a second but he turned around again and smiled assuring that everything was going to be okay. His emerald eyes sparkled as the sun hit them. I walked over to him ad as I caught up to him he continued to walk again with me by his side. His tall frame towered over meas we walked. I was tall for my age but compared to Harry, I was nothing. We walked in silence for a bit until he spoke first. "Sorry about before. I just... Didn't know what to say. Or how to say it without embarrassing myself, but I embarrassed myself without even saying a thing." He looked down at the ground. "It's okay. Really. I shouldn't have been so pushy with it. I'm sorry." He looked at me with sorry and regretful eyes. "You don't need to be sorry. I'm the one who should be sorry. I felt really bad afterwards..." I stopped and looked up at him. His eyes stared deep into mine. "Harry, it's fine. It's over now and I promise it won't be bought up again." "Okay. Thank you." He smiled back at me and kept walking. His tattoos seemed to glow in the light. As if they had all been inked on with glitter colouring. I was so intrigued by them. I was so tempted to traced over a ship on his left shoulder. His singlet top had shown it off perfectly. His hair also looked flawless. He was wearing same beanie he was wearing the night I first saw him. He looked so perfect. As weird as it sounded, I just wished he could hold me in his arms. I just wished I could be wrapped up in his embrace and not ever leave. *Harry's POV* I could see her looking at me. I turned my head slightly and in an instant she turned the other way. I couldn't help but laugh. "What's so funny?" She asked playfully "Nothing." I smirked "Hey! You have to tell me now that it's been bought up." She laughed and lightly hit my shoulder. "I noticed you looking at me. At my tattoos." She blushed and started twirling her hair. I nudged her a bit and she let out a giggle. "Uhhh... Oh look. Rooms 4-20. We're here. Wow. I was a long way off... I didn't even realize we'd covered half the school grounds." She ran a bit out infront and waited at the door. "C'mon. We're already late enough!" I ran and caught up to her at the door. We both stood there for a moment or two, looking into each others eyes. I went to lean in, but restrained myself. She was new. She didn't know me. I would hate to creep her out this early. I then notioned my head for her to continue through the door and up the stairs. She complied and walked to the left. A minute later and we were walking through the doors the the science lab. Mr Beaumont was at the white board with his back facing the class. Scarlette and I snuck over to our seats and sat down as quietly as possible, trying to laugh at how oblivious Mr Beaumont was being. Diana, Scarlette's new BFF, was glaring at me. I know she doesn't like me very much anyway. She then looked at Scarlette with a confused look. Scarlette just shrugged it off and signaled for her not to worry. Mr Beaumont finally turned around and imediently looked in our direction. He didnt look too impressed. "Nice of you to finally join us Mr Styles and Miss..." He looked down at the roll book and looked back up. "Miss Evans I'm assuming." She went red with embarrassment and sunk into her chair a bit. "I'll see you two after class." He then returned to facing the board and continued writing what I thought was "The Skeletal System". I looked at Scarlette who was already looking at me. We both started to laugh quietly, then continued to write definitions from the board. -end of science- "Not off to a very good start now are we Miss Evans. Being new I would have thought you'd be the first one in the room." "I was lost. I couldn't find my way to the building from my room. So I was sitting in the courtyard furthest from this building and then Harry came and then showed me the way here." Mr Beaumont looked displeased, but let her off as it was her first day. Now it was my turn to explain why I was late, not just from being with Scarlette but why I wasn't in class before I found Scarlette. "I ahh.. Fell asleep in my dorm?" It wasn't very convincing but it was the truth. "Very well then. I'll let it go this once. But if it even happens again, I will have to notify Evelyn. We nodded and ran out of the room. All the way down the hall we couldn't stop laughing. We laughed so much that Scarlette fell over. I imediently stopped but she kept going. I crouched down to her level and calmed her down. "Are you alright?" I asked concerned "I'm fine." She half laughed, half smiled. I had put my arms on the wall next to either side of her head and was right near her face. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to kiss her, but before I could even think about it, she had already gone in for the kiss. She grabbed the sleeves of my singlet and pulled me up with her as she stood up. My arms were still to either side of her head. Things started to get heated. My body had moved up against hers. Her hands then moved from my singlet to my hair. She pulled off my beanie and ran her fingers through my curls. This went on for a bit longer, but in a sudden motion she had pulled away from the kiss and pushed me a bit away from her. She put her hands to her mouth and tears started to swell in her eyes. I moved towards her to try and comfort her but she moved out of the way. "I'm.. I'm.. Sorry." She was shaking "I'm..." I cut her off "Scarlette it's fine." I said moving closer to her for a second time. I put my hands around her waist and went to lean in again. She pushed me away again and ran off. Down the stairs and out to the oval outside the building. I stood there confused. What had just happened? Well, that's the first long chapter I've written. What did you think of it? Please comment! Please keep reading and Chapter 6 will be up probably in a couple hours or so. :) Much Love xxxxx
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