The Immortal One.

Scarlettes life has change drastically the past year and has been sent to a reform school where she meets 'him'. This is a Punk Harry Styles fan fic. Please read. Updates will be every couple of days. Please share the story around too!! Thanks!
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2. The Immortal One. 2

Chapter 2;

* still Scars POV *

It was a very emotional night: for some. Mum in particular. Why though is what I kept asking myself. They  made the decision to send me here. After their departure, I was taken to my dorm and introduced to my roommate, Diana. She seemed very quite, a keep-to-themselves, shy sort of person but this morning said other wise. She was the complete opposite, a very out going, loud person. She explained to me that she is only like that around people other than Evelyn and the teachers, whom i would soon meet. I didn't sleep very well last night. I kept thinking about him. The boy with the piercing green eyes and tattoos. The previous nights encounter had kept me thinking. Who was he? And most importantly... Where had he gone? Why go so suddenly? And how he had slipped out unnoticed by anyone. My thoughts were soon put on hold. A soft sounding cough came from Diana's side of the room.
"You going to eat breakfast in your pjs? Or are you going to change? Personally I think the pjs. It'd save us from being late and it'd make a great impression too."
I looked at the clock. 7:55. 5 minutes until breakfast was seved. If we were late we'd miss out on food and not get anything until lunch and that's if we weren't late then as well! I rummaged through my still neatly packed, security checked suitcase for a clean outfit. I had no time to fix my hair or make up. My long, dark ringlets looked ratty and untamed compared to Diana's perfectly combed blonde ponytail. The dining hall was packed. Their wasen't any empty tables left. Only half filled tables that was occupied by the "stay-away-from kids" but another glance around and I found a table with only one person seated at it.
Him. I sharply nudged Diana and point. 
"Ah no way am I sitting near him nor are you okay!" 
"What's wrong with him."
"Are you kidding? What's wrong with Harry. First off, he's plain weird. He's been here for 4 years and has never spoken a word to anyone not even the teachers. second of all he's one of those kids you don't want to get involved with. He's dangerous  Scar. He once got so mad in class that he kicked the door down and smashed a few windows. Just take my advice, STAY AWAY!" 
She looked at me with wide, serious eyes. She wasn't joking one single bit. I nodded. She grabbed my hand and walked towards a table that a tan girl with gorgeous,long, brown, curly, hair was waving from. We sat down and I was introduced to several people. Danielle: the girl with the curly hair, Liam, who was Danielle's boyfriend, Louis and his girlfriend, Elenaor and Zayn and his girlfriend, Perrie. They're all really nice people and I found out that they were all in my classes. The end of breakfast had come and my very first class at Red Field was awaiting my arrival. English. I walked with Diana and my new friends to the class. It was down a small, dark, damp smelling hall that was crowed with old historic photos of the school and it's grounds. They all boys, Perrie and Diana pushed past each other down the hallway and I slowly walked with Danielle and Elenaor who asked me the usual sort of questions you'd get asked if you were new to a school like 'how old are you?' 'Why'd you move here?'  'Where'd you come from?' Ect. We got to the door and it hit me like a lightning blot. Him. He was staring at me intensely. Almost like he was trying to see right through me, like he already knew i was about to walk  walk through the door. I ignored it and walked towards the teachers desk. 
"Scarlette right? I'm Ms Daniels. Your new English teacher."
"Hi." I bluntly replied. 
"We have assigned seating here so up the back next to Harry, darlin'."
I spun around and saw his gaze still fixed on me. A slight smirk had grown on his face. He knew what was coming and it seemed although he had planned it somehow. The room was silent. Everyone stared. I pulled out the chair and gulped. I placed my books slowly and gently on the desk and sat down. I could still feel everyone's stare burn into me. It was intense. Ms Daniels had cleared her throat which had bought the class back to earth. I sunk into my chair, feeling embarrassed. Harry, his name was, kept his eyes on me. Like he was studying me. I started getting uncomfortable. Now I get what Diana meant by 'Stay Away' and I really wish that I could change seats... But I knew that I couldn't. I could tell that it was going to be a long and well awkward year...

Hey guys! So this is my second fan fic. My other one was quite successful but I'm hoping this is more successful. I'd just like to take the time to acknowledge 'Payzer'.  Payzer was perfect and it will be forever in our hearts and yes Liam is with Sophia now but we all know that Danielle will be Liam's true love. None of us know Sophia personally and for all we know she could be a lovely person, but we only see her as how she is portrayed and she isnt portrayed as a very nice person sometimes but if Liam is happy then we should be happy. I just though I'd have Payzer in this so we can all remember and appreciate what Payzer was and what they had. And maybe and hopefully one day... Payzer will be once again. <3 
So yeah. Please like and keep reading and share the story around. :) also sorry they're a bit short but I have an idea. I'll post a long chapter every 5 chapters so first long one is Chapter 5!! Keep an eye out for it!! :)
Much Love..

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