Niall's Love Story

Brittany and Niall live so many miles away from each other, Brittany knows Niall but Niall does not know Brittany is on the planet. What will happen when Brittany and Niall meet? Will they become close? Will Love happen between the two?


8. Why??

Chapter 8:

Brittany’s POV

While I was getting ready for bed I got a call from Dustin. He told me to go outside; I did what I was told and went outside.

When I got out there Dustin was standing in the front yard and facing the house with a look of sorrow in his eyes.

Brittany: Dustin come inside

Dustin: I can’t cause you are going to hate me

Brittany: why would I hate you?

Dustin: Cause I cheated on you with Amber while you were away.

I did not even say anything to him, I just ran inside and locked every door as I went through it. When I got to my room I shut me door and slid down to the floor and just cried.

How could he do this to me? I sent out a group text with Heart Break Girl attached to it. I sent it to all of my friends and Niall included. I got replies from all of my friends but the one that never came was the one I was really hoping for; Niall.

I cried myself to sleep that night…….

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