Niall's Love Story

Brittany and Niall live so many miles away from each other, Brittany knows Niall but Niall does not know Brittany is on the planet. What will happen when Brittany and Niall meet? Will they become close? Will Love happen between the two?


14. The Meeting part 2

Chapter 14:

The boys were in Bedford for the first time in history. Elsewhere the girls were at Starbucks waiting for the boys. They were all so excited as one can be.

Liam’s POV

The boys and I were about 5 minutes away from Starbucks, and Niall was so excited that he gets to see Brittany. He was smiling a mile wide and would not stop talking about her.

Louis: NIALL SHUT UP you will see her in a couple minutes.
Niall: NO LOUIS…..

He stopped talking and looked out the window then started Cheering.

Finally we were at Starbucks and he would shut up. I understand that this is the first girl he has liked but he is way too excited. As soon as the car stopped he was already out the door before you could say anything.

If he does not ask her out while we are here then I will ask her for him whether he likes it or not.

Bai’s POV

We had just gotten to Starbucks about 5 minutes ago and Brittany is already nervous and excited at the same time. She kept asking when they are going to get here. To make it worse she would not shut up about him and how much she wanted to see him. I have never seen her like this not even when she got to see Dustin. I know one thing if she does not shut up I’m going to hit her upside the head.

Niall’s POV

When the car stopped I was out the door as fast as I could go. I ran inside and started looking for that beautiful girl with big brown eyes and brown almost blonde hair. When I saw her talking to two girls that I think are her friends she told me about. One with hair like Harry’s and one with Black and purple hair. I walked up to them and put my finger up to my lips to tell her friends not to tell her I was behind her. I put my hands over her eyes and said….

Niall: Guess who?
Brittany: I don’t know…… I don’t really know anyone with an Irish accent so I’m going to guess Niall Horan
Niall: You got it right love now you get your prize
Brittany: What is my prize??

I did not tell her I just gave her my famous “Horan Hug”. She was a little surprised but hugged my back. It felt a little spark when we hugged and it felt so right to have her in my arms, like it was an everyday thing. I did not want to let so, but someone had to cut in.

The girl with Harry hair: Brittany are you going to introduce us?
Brittany: Right Niall this is Demara(The girl with Harry Hair) and Bailey(The girl with purple in her hair)
Niall: Hi nice to meet you girls.

Liam’s POV

When we got inside we found Niall talking to three girls that I guess was Brittany and her friends. We walked up to them and I said…

Liam: Hey Niall are you going to introduce us to these beautiful girls?
Niall: Yes Liam, this is Brittany ( The girl that had really big brown eyes and light hair), this is Demara( The girl with Harry’s type hair), and Bai( The girls with purple in her hair).

When I saw Bai I could not help but do a double take because she was so pretty. When Niall introduced her to us she and I held eye contact for a couple of minutes. I did notice Harry was flirting with Demara.

I think I’m going to like these girls……

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