Niall's Love Story

Brittany and Niall live so many miles away from each other, Brittany knows Niall but Niall does not know Brittany is on the planet. What will happen when Brittany and Niall meet? Will they become close? Will Love happen between the two?


12. Everybody

Chapter 12:

Brittany’s POV

Niall: When can we meet again?  The boys really want to meet you.
Brittany: I want to meet them too and how many days do you have left here?
Niall: 3 L
Brittany: Can you and the boys come down here tomorrow?
Niall: yes J
Brittany: Okay we can meet at Starbucks down here if you want
Niall: Sounds like a plan to me see you tomorrow love: D
Brittany: wait can I bring some friends along
Niall: yes and see you there ;)

Niall’s POV

I turned to the boys and said:

Boys we are going to Bedford tomorrow to meet Brittany and her friends and hangout for a bit……

Brittany’s POV

I texted Bai and Demara since they are big fans of the boys. I made them promise that they can’t freak when they meet them and they said no promises but I took it as an okay.  They were so happy that they get to meet the girls, so happy that they fangirled so they could get rid of it before tomorrow. That consisted of screaming and being all giggly. We all thought that would be me but I guess not. All my friends knew that it would be me fangirling over Hunter Hayes or Niall, When I met Niall I did not fan girl in front of him but only in my head.

When I got done telling the girls I decided to go to sleep, since it was about Midnight.

Until I see Niall tomorrow……..

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