Niall's Love Story

Brittany and Niall live so many miles away from each other, Brittany knows Niall but Niall does not know Brittany is on the planet. What will happen when Brittany and Niall meet? Will they become close? Will Love happen between the two?


6. a Little problem

Chapter 6:

When Brittany and Niall were getting ready to go back to her house, Niall got a call that they had to cut their break short. What was supposed to be a relaxing get a way, turned into more work. When Niall had to stay, Brittany went back home.

Brittany’s POV

          When Niall found out he can’t go he was really disappointed but I had to leave since I told my mom that I would come home today. I was on my way home when:


Dustin and Niall were calling at the same time, who do I answer? (Dustin is Brittany’s BF in the story)

I answered Niall’s call and then would call Dustin back when I got off the phone with Niall.

Niall: hey I’m sorry I can’t go with you but we can hang out another time hopefully.
Brittany: it’s okay and I have something to tell you Niall that I should have told you a while back and I’m sorry.
Niall: What is it you are starting to scare me?
Brittany: I have a Boyfriend
Niall: Brittany it’s okay I kind of expected you to have one seeing who you are. If he hurts you in anyway call me okay?
Brittany: okay and Thank you and I have to go, I’m home
Niall: Okay call me bye
Brittany: Bye

I’m so thankful that Niall I okay with me a having a boyfriend. Now to call Dustin back.

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