The z-

It'sJoshua's senior year at Baltimore Lutheran, and finals are over. He got rejected by Towson because his over all grade on the final was a z-. But can the a+ he got on the mid-term save him


6. Rejection or Acceptance

Towson received his results about 3 days after his parents and teacher(s). They had sent a note informing his parents and teacher(s) they revived them.

About week later Towson had decider to reject him. Except for 2 people. They thought that all his other grades were sufficient enough by the schools standards.

Slowly, 1 by 1, agreed, until only the DEAN OF ENROLLMENT was left. He disagreed. He still thought they should reject him. But the school's by-laws of the school states " if the majority of the enrollment staff are on one side, they side they are on is the one that goes ".

Which means


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